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On this day we look at the cross, and we remember…

Good Friday
Rev. Dr Christopher Page
18 April 2014

"On this day we look at the cross, and we remember…"

On this day we look at the cross, and we remember…

Softly as the leaves begin to turn and fall,
The days grow shorter, ever clearer and even more barren.

We are surrounded by little deaths,
the drying of the grass
and shrivelling of the flowers,
the loss of the sunlight.
And so we gather our lives in like the harvest.

Our friendships, our experiences, our success and even our failures,
We wrap them around ourselves,
against the coldness which is to come.
For in this time, our lives will be lived from within.

Like the grapes that are harvested in happy sunlight,
turning to wine in dark cellars,
so our thoughts will transform and grow richer when held within this dark space.

Come, Spirit of Mystery,
Come to the centre of our containment.
And grow treasure from within us.

On this day we look at the cross, and we remember…

We remember the betrayal of friendship and its consequences,
the casual cruelty of Roman authority and execution,
and how unreliable others proved to be in a crisis.

On this day may we remember
that religious bigotry, cruelty and unreliability
are still a part of our everyday lives.

But also on this day, may we learn some new precepts for living…
do not avoid contact with suffering,
or close your eyes before suffering;
do not maintain anger or hatred;
do not say untruthful things for the sake of personal interest, or to impress others;
do not live with a vocation that is harmful to humans and nature.

On this day we look at the cross, and we remember…

Today we remember the man Jesus, utterly convinced of the connection between human loving and living in God. He was determined to give people their own authority in their relationship with God. He wanted to set people free from fear of the unknown. He set his heart on breaking down barriers between people...

We are grateful today for the ways in which the life, teaching, and death of Jesus have set us free.

He gives us a glimpse into another reality and a new way of being. His vision is worth exploring.

Because of him, we are encouraged to celebrate life, to suck the marrow out of existence, to explore and probe; to experiment and to venture into uncharted seas, without fear of God or the unknown.

He does not set limits on our experience of life or our living, nor anything in all creation. For in this death we find the seeds of new life.

(Adapted from the writings of Robert Funk, Trisha Watts, M Dobson, M Morwood and Thich Nhat Hanh)

On this day we look at the cross, and we remember…

© Rev. Dr Christopher Page, 2014

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