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Babel reversed

Acts 2: 1 – 6, 9 and 11,     Genesis 11
Rev. Anneke Oppewal
9 am, 27 May 2007

In this story in the Old Testament people wanted to build a very high tower, because they liked a challenge and because they thought it would make them famous.

We still do that: Eureka Towers is a fine example of it.

Now there is nothing wrong with building towers, meeting a challenge or even wanting to be famous.
With this particular tower however there were things that did not work out. People lost contact with each other and, more important, they lost contact with God. They became so obsessed with their tower that they forgot about everything else.

They stopped looking after each other, they lost interest in the world around them, the only thing they wanted was to get higher, and higher, and higher.

So obsessed they became that they forgot to work together.

And that’s where the whole thing came crashing down around their ears: You can’t build anything great and wonderful, you see, if you don’t work together and communicate, you need to look at what others have to contribute, you need to make it fit.

After a while arguments began to erupt, they found it difficult to communicate, they found it difficult to work together, and the tower fell into disrepair. Their hearts were no longer in it and they didn’t feel God’s was in it either.

It is this story which comes back to Luke’s mind when he is talking about the young Church in Acts 2. And what he is trying to say is this: In the Church it will be different. People will work together, people will talk to each other, this time, in the Church, we will get it right because Jesus showed us how.

Love, peace and justice will be our number one priorities and if we keep our mind firmly fixed on those we will build something that will be much better than a tower, much more important and have much more impact on the world.

It will change life for everybody and bring people together and even if they found it difficult to talk to each other before, they’ll find ways because they are all only interested in one thing: to make the world a better place for each other and everybody else.

Jesus promised before he died if we do that God will help, send us power and support and make it happen. That God will be there supporting us and making it work if we try.


© Rev. Anneke Oppewal, 2007

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