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 Uniting Arts Toorak - Kinross House

Archive of events presented during 2006 by
Uniting Arts Toorak   in   Kinross House

Sun, 26 Feb
12 Noon

The Good Duke of Burgundy

Presented by Acord in association with Uniting Arts Toorak.
Acord - one of Melbourne's fine music makers
Acord - one of Melbourne's fine music makers In the Fifteenth Century the court of Burgundy was one of the most magnificent in Europe. It reached its apogee under Duke Philippe "le Bon". Philippe was pious enough to hear mass every day - but in the afternoon, after a late night of music, dance, wine, storytelling (recorded in the racy Cent nouvelles nouvelles) and amorous pursuits.

Acord is Melbourne's longest running medieval performance group with more than 25 years experience. In its concerts, it provides a rich context for the music with narration, visual enrichment and appropriate refreshments.
Margaret Arnold   voice, organetto
Richard Excell
rebec, vielles, psaltery, gemshorn
Jerzy Kozlowski
Sue Tweg
Carol Williams
harp, rebec
Sat, 25 Feb
Sun, 5 Mar

Silk Screen Prints - Logie Armstrong Papua New Guinea Series

and more from a private collection. A wonderful exhibition of silk-screen prints by Stonnington-based artist Mary Newsome and various other selected pieces including watercolours, beautiful old rugs, hand coloured lithographs and more. The works are all for sale and very reasonably priced. We have been fortunate to receive this exhibition which will adorn the walls of Kinross during the reception on Friday evening for Geoffrey Tozer.
Fri, 3 Mar
7:30 p.m.

Geoffrey Tozer & 3 Pianos in Concert

Click for a larger image (206k). Cartoon: © Nicholson On Friday, 3rd March 2006, the great Australian pianist Geoffrey Tozer is presenting a fabulous concert, utilizing the old Blüthner piano that lives in Toorak Uniting Church and two magnificent Nineteenth century Pleyel concert grand pianos being lent for the occasion by private collectors. Geoffrey will present a wonderful evening of virtuoso piano music written for these extraordinary instruments.
This concert, in support of the work of Kinross House, is followed by a post-concert reception for our Friends and their guests in Kinross.


$50 - Rows A - F & ($25 Friends of Kinross)

$40 - Rows G - N

$30 - Some rows in the (rear) choir area

Available from Kinross House, at the address and phone number below.
Thu, 9 Mar
Sun, 2 Apr

The Sarah Series, by Janet Goodchild-Cuffley

 Absence. © Janet Goodchild-Cuffley In July 2001, after a brief period of mental illness, 28-year-old Sarah Cuffley committed suicide. The pain and shock of this tragic event deeply affected the many who loved her. For Sarah's mother, Janet Goodchild-Cuffley, an artist, the task of internalising this experience eventually came through her artwork: visual journals, drawings, watercolours and oil paintings. The resulting "Sarah Series" is a very personal response to the loss of a daughter, this is an exhibition which invites viewers to bring their own associations and experience to each image. These painful and beautiful works are not without hope or even humour, and richly reward contemplation.

Absence - Oil on Canvas.

Sat, 8 Apr
6:00 pm

Opening the Stable - Simon Lloyd

 The Stable After 8 months preparing and establishing himself in the Stable at the rear of Kinross House, ceramicist Simon Lloyd is holding a little opening (an open stable) to celebrate. It will be an informal occasion and we hope for pleasant weather on Saturday, 8th April between 6 - 8pm. Come and see the transformation and results of the hard work by Simon, our own Leo and the support of the Property Committee of TUC and Graham Menzies. Some of Simon's world renowned ceramics will be on display on the night.
Thu, 20 Apr
Sun, 7 May

All Things Bright and Beautiful - gardens, land and sea

 © Jo Reitze This series of Garden Paintings by Jo Reitze was launched on Friday, 21 April by Jane Edmanson (ABC TV's Gardening Australia presenter and also gardening expert on Radio 3AW).
Jo was arts coordinator at Canterbury Girls Secondary College, and is now established as a painter of private gardens. She is a Fellow of the Victorian Artists Society and the recipient of Civic and Rotary Art Prizes.


The title of the familiar hymn "All things bright and beautiful" epitomizes my joyous paintings that celebrate the aesthetic beauty of nature.

Gardens and flowers have become my major subjects in recent years. I love beautiful gardens, an interest fostered from a childhood fascination with my aunt's garden in Ballarat. Many of my paintings give glimpses of different aspects of our garden in Surrey Hills. I have also often painted in Botanical Gardens throughout the State and was fortunate to paint in Monet's garden in Giverny, several years ago.

My paintings are freely executed in gouache or oils with lyrical mark making and vibrant colours. Colours are often emphasized by strong tonal contrast. As in nature, a range of green hues unifies the compositions. I often choose a close viewpoint with clearly recognizable plants to capture the essence of the garden and to feel enclosed in a beautiful environment. My response is much more than optical or photographic; it is a fusion of the senses.

Throughout my life, I have painted in school holidays. Ocean Grove has provided diverse scenes to paint and like the Impressionist, I have aimed to capture the particular moment, the act of living and being within the experience. The river flats, gnarled windswept trees and views across the Barwon have been reoccurring themes of my oeuvre for more than forty years.

Last year I resigned from full time teaching to give greater attention to my own work and to follow my dream. Jo. Reitze paints your Gardens followed when it came to me that I could offer to paint gardens for other garden lovers. This venture has developed beyond expectation. Last year, I was delighted to immortalize ten gardens. I have always painted on location (en plein air), so it has been wonderful to paint in beautiful places and meet lovely people who share my passion for gardening. It has been a joy to paint, maintain social contact and to give others such pleasure.

Thank you for coming to see "All things bright and beautiful" - gardens, land and sea. I hope you enjoyed my paintings exhibited in the beautiful setting of Kinross House.

Jo Reitze (Mrs de Carteret)

Sun, 23 Apr
12 Noon

Jerusalem Jerusalem

Acord - one of Melbourne's fine music makers Presented by Acord in association with Uniting Arts Toorak.

After the fall of Jerusalem to Saladin in 1187 there was an intense response in the West, expressed in many powerful songs: songs of anger and despair, calls to arms, songs of renewed hope and songs of lamentation.
Sun, 23 Apr
4:30 p.m.

Twilight Comedy Evening

Starting with champagne and canapes at 4.30 in Kinross then Popular Selections from Alan Bennett's "Talking Heads" (including the classic "Bed Among the Lentils") and Stanley Holloway favourites - "Albert and the Lion" and "Three Ha'pence a foot" (Noah faces problems building his ark") and more...

Performed by: John Blanch, Jenny Stewardson, Robin Stewardson and Caroline Travers.
Tue, 2 May

Music of a Sundry Kind

A concert of 75 minutes of beautiful listening to Music of a Sundry Kind performed by The Victoria Chorale directed by Val J. Pyers in the Church, followed by drinks and nibbles at Kinross House.
Mon, 8 May
Mon, 5 Jun

Ted Billson - Sunlight in Watercolour

 St James' Garden. © Ted Billson Exhibition was launched by Prof. Geoffrey Blainey AM. on Monday, 8th May 2006. This is a beautiful exhibition of watercolours and scenes around Toorak (churches), Melbourne city, some boats and the Red Center.

St James' Garden

Sun, 28 May
12 Noon

Melbourne Born

Coffee Concert in the church, Barbara McKinnon (Piano) and David Campbell (Tenor). A short programme of Neo Romantic Music by Melbourne born composers Esthe Rofe, Alfres Hill and Percy Grainger will complement the style and flavour of Ted's fabulous work.
Sun, 4 Jun
12 Noon
4:30 pm

Continuous Music

A new concert format 'Continuous Music' in Kinross between 12 and 4.30 - performances by some of Joan Earle's Monash University School of Music students and Taylors College Music students presenting a wide variety of instrumental and vocal music. The June session of the ABRSM music examinations are also taking place in Kinross House during the following week
Thu, 8 Jun
Mon, 19 Jun

Spiritual Songlines

 © Malcom Jagamarra - Inapaku 2004 Contemporary Aboriginal Art by superb artists including Josie Petrick, Shirley Purdie, Jack Britten, Malcolm Jagamarrra, Madigan Thomas, Makinti Napanangka, Minnie Pwerle and others with Sculptures by Hazel Mackinnon.
Launch on Friday, 9th June 7pm - 9pm by The Hon. Barry Jones OA.

One of the themes we have focused on in Kinross house in 2006 has been a 'sense of place'. The Mary Newsome lithographs, the Jo Reitze gardens and - most recently - Ted Billsons' watercolours all took this up at a local level. Now in the Songlines exhibition, the same theme is extended into a national context with a sense of place, land and identity. Both the paintings on display and the accompanying workshops will explore this sense of land and aboriginal spirituality.
In this exhibition we hope:
  • to promote indigenous art in all its depth and colour through the paintings David Corazza has so generously made available;
  • to provide an opportunity for learning about aboriginal culture and spirituality through workshops, art and the movie Bob Randall brings from Central Australia;
  • to support Bob's efforts to support his community with actual, practical help;
  • to deepen our understanding of the issues that need to be addressed if first and new Australian cultures are to be reconciled and made whole. According to Bob such reconciliation can only come about through the love and understanding that grows when stories are told and the experiences are shared.
This will be linked with workshops conducted by Bob Randall - an elder from Central Australia who will be sharing his experiences and spirituality in workshops and discussions.

More than 450 people attended this event - exhibitions, workshops and film screening. We had several school groups come in and it seems to have had a great impact on the knowledge and depth of feeling about the issues raised in the exhibition, workshops and film.
Sat, 10 Jun
2:00 pm
Fri, 16 Jun
7:30 pm

Workshops with Bob Randall - Places and art and meaning.

Click for larger view of the photo taken at the Friday workshop. (125Kb) Bob Randall's life has been a journey seeking to reconcile aboriginal roots and new Australian culture. Passionate about his people, he has supported the weakest and most vulnerable in his community by organising practical aid and by working tirelessly for greater understanding of aboriginal issues. He has opened up discussion and provided information, through his music, the writing of a book, a children's book, a ABC televised documentary and now the production of a movie. Himself one of the "stolen generation" children, he grew through hardship and difficulty into a man who is able to see both sides of Australian culture. He combines a deep sense of aboriginal spirituality and connectedness to the land with relatedness to Christian values of love, justice and reconciliation.

Photo taken at the Friday night workshop.

Mon, 19 Jun
7:45 pm


 Link to www.kanyini.com There will be a preview screening of the film "Kanyini", a documentary in which respected Aboriginal leader "Uncle" Bob Randall tells his personal story and that of the indigenous community's struggle to adapt to the modern world, with passion, political insight and dignity. This will be the first preview of the film in Melbourne. Meet Bob Randall at Kinross House during the Spiritual Songlines exhibition and at the preview.
Gallery will be open from 6:30pm for your last view of the Songlines Exhibition. Opportunity to talk with Bob Randall after the screening.
Sun, 25 Jun
12 Noon

Canterbury Tales

Acord - one of Melbourne's fine music makers Presented by Acord in association with Uniting Arts Toorak.

Canterbury has a special place in English history as the seat of the church and the place of its most famous martyrdom. But today the greatest legacy of the cult of St Thomas Becket is found in Chaucer's Tales.

Acord is Melbourne's longest running medieval performance group with more than 25 years experience. In its concerts, it provides a rich context for the music with narration, visual enrichment and appropriate refreshments.
Margaret Arnold   voice, organetto
Richard Excell
rebec, vielles, psaltery, gemshorn
Jerzy Kozlowski
Sue Tweg
Carol Williams
harp, rebec
Thu, 29 Jun
Sat, 29 Jul

Thirteen Portrait of a Teenager

Click for larger view of Neil Howe's - Saturday Night Fever 06 (134Kb) The opening of Thirteen Portrait of a Teenager by Neil Howe & Jessica Archdall was on Saturday, 1st July 2006, 2pm to 4pm. The exhibition and book was launched by Rev'd Anneke Oppewal at 3pm.
This is an exhibition of new digital art and the launch of a limited edition book on how, and why the art comes together. From Neil's work as a film editor for commercial television news he makes sense of the images with a determined and positive focus on the human and personal. This gives his work strength and integrity.

Neil Howe - Saturday Night Fever 06

Opening speech by Rev. Anneke Oppewal, 1 July 2006.

Look how beautiful you are!

Flicking through the book Neil has put together with the pictures and body scapes he created from those pictures this was the thought that hit me first.

A beautiful girl, at a beautiful age looking at herself, discovering herself, growing body awareness, growing confidence in who she is and what she looks like.

Me being a minister I could not but connect that back to a Bible story. I thought of the garden of Eden, pictured in the Bible as a place where people lived in innocent happiness, unaware of their nakedness, their vulnerability, of the dangerous and terrible world that was out there. Jewish interpretation sees that part of the story as the equivalent of childhood. We grow up, in our families, and if all is right we are protected, cherished and nourished, and mainly unaware of some of the more nasty things that can be out there.

Until there is a moment where it is time to cut the apron strings and venture out on our own and discover the world outside that safe and blissful place. Until we start to perceive ourselves as a separate entity that could do things differently, could be different from the environment we grew up in and we become aware of who we are, what we look like, what we desire for ourselves in our own right and in our own way.

That's where the mobile phone cameras come out and the mirrors appear on every wall, especially with the female of the species. We start looking at our reflection in shop windows, we hesitate before a mirror and we begin to notice the little imperfections here and there and appreciate the parts that are good and attractive about our bodies.

We become self aware and we start to carve out our own path and travel our own journey through the world, and we start to experiment with and discover things that were previously outside our experience.

In the story of Genesis 2 that is also where reality starts to hit: Not all of what is out there is good, not all of what is out there will be positive and wholesome. Some in fact, can be pretty nasty.

I think what Neil has done with those beautiful pictures is capture that moment of truth. Capture that moment where self awareness and realisation of being a separate entity starts to dawn, and the big wide world opens up. Here am I, this is me, I am beautiful, I am a person in my own right with my own funny little thingies, twists and turns and I am ready to venture out and be me outside the safety of home.

By taking these happy snappy photographs and transforming them to art Neil has transformed them into a public and political statement about identity, the vulnerability of a 13 year old's journey of discovery in the world and showing a truth that is much more profound than just the happy snaps of a girl growing up.

When we talked about the exhibition Neil and I talked about the anxieties that go with that. For parents as well as their teenagers. Suddenly there seems to be so much out there that could harm and do damage to that innocent beauty captured in the pictures. Suddenly memories come flooding back and we might feel the world was such a much safer place when we were growing up. I am sure that is only a matter of perspective by the way. My parents were as daunted by drugs and sex back in the seventies as I am now my children are entering teenager-dom. And I was as naive about them as most teenagers would be now. When you are that age it simply doesn't feel like anything could ever do any serious harm to you.

Neil's exhibition is about all that and more. It is a political statement about the world teenagers are growing up in. A world where there is a lot that is interfering with that growth in self awareness and self appreciation, a lot that could interfere with a positive body image and an innocent appreciation of who and what we are. The sexualization of body, the peer pressures that are around, the body imagery that is promoted by girls magazines, a lot of that isn't helpful when you're 13 and looking to grow into a healthy and strong woman.

But it is also a moving statement of beauty, of looking at perfection as it comes out through the camera of a 13 year old and taking those images a step further into body scapes that take the pictures to another level where art communicates some of the more profound truths and insights of life.

And last but not least there is a statement here about the spiritual aspect of being thirteen, of growing into a person in your own right, of coming to the point where what you are and what God has intended you to be is starting to show and to bloom like a flower opening itself up.

It is all there and I thank Neil and Jessica for making those beautiful images available to us.

© Rev. Anneke Oppewal, 2006.

Sun, 16 Jul
11:30 am

To Youth and Beauty

At 11.30 am following Church, Barbara McKinnon (piano) and Megan McLaughlin (soprano) will present a Coffee Concert, to accompany Neil’s exhibition. Hear how these excellent musicians elaborate and provide a musical commentary to this thoughtful exhibition - admission by donation. Composed art songs are to be contrasted with contemporary perceptions of self in a musically intriguing manner. Works by Aquillera, Vaughan Williams, Schumann and Faure.
Sun, 30 Jul
11:45 am


in Kinross House - A performance of Thea Musgrave’s superb piece on self obsession ‘Narcissus’ for solo flute with electronics - Jean Penny and Andrew Blackburn - admission by donation.
Tue, 1 Aug
Sat, 30 Sep

Annual MultiFaith Arts Festival

 MultiFaith Arts Festival logo by Rachel Johnson The 3rd Annual MultiFaith Arts Festival will be held during August & September 2006.   The festival draws support and input from many groups across three faiths, including Leo Baeck Arts Centre (Kew), Islamic Council of Victoria, Clifton Creative Arts Centre, Uniting Arts Toorak, Richmond Uniting Church and Toorak Uniting Church.

Many events are being planned, including the commissioning of the ‘Postcard Project’ (artists from the three Abrahamic faith traditions have been asked to reflect on marriage and create original artworks, these artworks are shared with other artists which have inspired further works).   The project has been running since early June and will be ready for its launch at Kinross House on Tuesday, 1st August 6:30-8:30pm.   The works will then travel to other faith communities in Richmond, Kew and Thornbury.

For more information on the MultiFaith Arts Festival email info@mfaf.org
Sun, 13 Aug
12 Noon

Alexander Agricola

 Acord artists Richard, Carol and Margaret Presented by Acord in association with Uniting Arts Toorak.
Acord - one of Melbourne's fine music makers
This is a year of musical anniversaries, none more deserving of attention than the 500th anniversary of the death, on the 15th of August 1506, of Alexander Agricola, one of the most esteemed composers of a brilliant generation. His chansons and instrumental pieces display his restless, enigmatic style.

Acord is Melbourne's longest running medieval performance group with more than 25 years experience. In its concerts, it provides a rich context for the music with narration, visual enrichment and appropriate refreshments.
Margaret Arnold   voice, organetto
Jerzy Kozlowski
Richard Excell
rebec, vielle
Carol Williams
rebec, voice
Sue Tweg
Fri, 25 Aug
Sun, 27 Aug

Taylors College - Music Concert Series

Hear the talented students from Taylor's College and Monash Foundation Year Music (Students under the administrative control of UAT Committee Member Joan Earle) as they present their recitals prior to the end of year exams in Kinross House, Gallery 2. A great outreach and opportunity for us to support these young people.
Friday2:30pm  -4:00pmGuitar Afternoon Concert
5:30pm-7:00pmTwilight Concert
8:00pm-9:30pmEvening Concert
Saturday10:30am-12:00pmMorning Concert
2:30pm-4:00pmAfternoon Concert
5:30pm-7:00pmTwilight Concert
8:00pm-9:30pmEvening Concerto Concert
Sunday12:00pm-1:30pmCoffee Concert
2:00pm-3:30pmAfternoon Piano Concert
5:30pm-7:00pmTwilight Concert
Thu, 31 Aug
Sun, 24 Sep


Finding a common thread to weave a strong harmonious community?
Hope for our world in building bridges of understanding?
Three years ago, when we started dreaming about organising a multi faith arts festival the inspiration and motivation came, I think mainly from an inner desire of a few people to find ways to learn, understand and communicate with other faith traditions. Our dream was that our own desire to-learn and understand, that our own longing to build bridges and communicate, would not be limited to just a small inner group, but would be something that the community around us could be part of and participate in as well.
Since Anneke wrote this, much has happened, the MultiFaith Arts Festival has grown and expanded with more organizations and groups coming together to share, learn and understand one another - not to change but to acknowledge and celebrate. The Postcard Project has been an example of this - artists from different faith traditions coming together and drawing inspiration from each other. We have organizations working cooperatively celebrating and acknowledging the strengths and qualities they each share as well as those that differentiate.
Meanderings has also come from this interaction - between two artists who in the passionate crazy risk-taking way have brought together this wonderful collection.
Works on paper and canvas by Felicity Doherty
Meanderings means to me, as an artist, allowing my mind total freedom to capture the essence of the moments it chances upon.
 © Felicity Doherty
Works silk by Rachel Johnson.
In these Meanderings I have allowed myself to paint my story over the past few years. This is me trying to redefine myself, rediscover my strength after the heart break of losing my father.
 © Rachel Johnson
Tue, 5 Sep
1:00 pm
4:00 pm

Ikebana Workshops - Miniature Free Style

Traditional flower arranging techniques presented by Professor Nobu Kurashige as part of the Australia and Japan Year of Exchange Program, and Ikenobo Ikebana Symposium.
Cost for both workshops $15.00 - includes flowers. Further enquiries - Ikenobo Melbourne Chapter 9827 8230.
Fri, 8 Sep
9:30 am
12 noon

Ikebana Workshops - Shoka Shimputai Style

Traditional flower arranging techniques presented by Professor Nobu Kurashige as part of the Australia and Japan Year of Exchange Program, and Ikenobo Ikebana Symposium.
Cost for both workshops $15.00 - includes flowers. Further enquiries - Ikenobo Melbourne Chapter 9827 8230.
Fri, 8 Sep
2:30 pm

 Louise at Richmond UC - 10 Sep

Concert for Friends of Kinross and their Guests

Louise Blackburn (violin) and Barbara McKinnon (piano) play music. Free admission. Coffee/Tea and cakes will be available for purchase.
Thu, 21 Sep
2:30 pm

Concert for Friends of Kinross and their Guests

"Meet you in Kinross" - U3a Recorder Consort including Jeanette McArthur play much beautiful music - folk-songs, hymns, and much more. Free admission. Coffee/Tea and cakes will be available for purchase.
Wed, 11 Oct
6:30 pm

Preview for the Friends of Kinross and their Guests

This is an opportunity to avoid the crush, and to see the full range of pieces that Wendy Crombie and Diana Hone will have on display. Please join us and meet the artists that evening.
Thu, 12 Oct
Thu, 19 Oct

Wendy Crombie and Diana Hone

 Paintings by Diana Hone © Wendy Crombie's handmade jewelry returns to Kinross House for one week only. The official launch is on Thursday 12th October from 6:30 - 8:30pm. Gallery open 10am to 5pm every day.
Artist statement by Diana Hone
I have always been interested in painting and over the years have done a number of art courses. When living in America I became very interested in the Amish style of patchwork quilting and on returning to Australia created a number of patchwork quilts and taught it for several years. This taught me about the arrangement of colour and how to design aesthetically pleasing images. When we lived in Adelaide I was introduced to Acrylics and began painting more frequently and my paintings certainly derive their shape, colour and form from my patchwork quilting days. I am also a part time community palliative care nurse which is probably why I paint bright and colourful pictures.
Sun, 15 Oct
12 Noon

Mediterranean Multiculturalism

Acord - one of Melbourne's fine music makers Presented by Acord in association with Uniting Arts Toorak.

The Mediterranean region was as much a melting pot as ever in the Middle Ages, through pilgrimage, crusade, trade, conquest, political marriages and traveling musicians. One might find French chansons at the court of Cyprus, a Greek-Italian wedding, a Byzantine princess in Provence, or a Provençal troubadour accompanying a Spanish princess to Hungary.

Acord is Melbourne's longest running medieval performance group with more than 25 years experience. In its concerts, it provides a rich context for the music with narration, visual enrichment and appropriate refreshments.
Margaret Arnold   voice, organetto
Richard Excell
rebec, vielles, psaltery, gemshorn
Jerzy Kozlowski
Sue Tweg
Carol Williams
harp, rebec
Mon, 23 Oct
Wed, 25 Oct

Glamorgan Art Show

Glamorgan held their annual art show in Kinross House. On Monday evening more than 550 people attended the launch by Max Darby, then over the next 2 days when the show was open, another 200 people viewed the exhibition. This has been a great outreach for TUC within the Glamorgan community, many of whom commented on the warmth of the welcome and the joy of being in Kinross for the exhibition. Special thanks to Anne Smith, Stuart and Leo for their help in setting up over the weekend and in helping Kinross and the Glamorgan staff managing this huge event.
Tue, 31 Oct
Fri, 15 Dec

Material Thinking

Works in textiles, mixed medium, metal, wood, ceramics and felt by artists Rae Ganim, Stephen Hope, Pierre & Charlotte Julien, Brian Poynton, Simon Lloyd, Waltraud Reiner and Biggi Spiro. Material Thinking - explores the process of creative inquiry through the artists deep understanding of a material's qualities. Pushing the capacities and potential of a material's substance even at times to the point of failure. While virtuosic skills are in evidence it is this understanding which gives voice to the rich manifestations of material being.
The exhibition was officially launched by acclaimed architect John Wardle on Thursday, 9 November in Kinross House.
This is a marvelous exhibition with lots of pieces available for sale and appropriate as special Christmas gifts.
Sun, 19 Nov
7:30 p.m.

Come & Sing Handel's Messiah

 Conductor - John Ferguson  Come and Sing Messiah - 2005 This is the very popular event that has been run from the early 1980's - as part of the Communicating Arts Centre, and now Kinross House.
Conducted by John Ferguson (Director of Music - Scotch College), with Catherine Northey (Soprano), Lynlee Williams (Alto), Peter Mander (Tenor) and Manfred Pohlenz (Bass).

Bookings are strongly encouraged, and music scores can be provided if needed.
Click here for full details and the booking form.

Come and Sing Messiah - 2005.

Sun, 26 Nov
3:00 pm

Spring Fundraiser – The Savoy Singers

The Savoy Singers present a concert of '100 years of musical comedy! Featuring songs from shows such as Camelot, The Merry Widow, Fiddler on the roof, show Boat, Les Miserables, My Fair Lady, West Side Story, The Phantom of the Opera, and many more. Preceded by a glass of champagne or juice and a chance to look at the 'Material Thinking' exhibition in Kinross House, then a wonderful concert in the church with the effervescent Savoy Singers. A highly recommended occasion, so bring a party and have a wonderful afternoon together.
Tickets are on sale, and available from Joan Earle, Anne Smith or in Kinross House. ($35, $25 - concesion, or Friends $15 and includes pre-event in Kinross).
Sun, 10 Dec
11:30 am

 Barbara McKinnon and Jean Penny

Sounding Landscape – Coffee Concert

Today's programme complements "Material Thinking", the current exhibition of felt. metal, textile, ceramic, wood and mixed media art works on display at Kinross House. There, unusual materials have been assembled in a manner that gives rise, almost unexpectedly, to works of art. Here, the textures of the flute and piano are combined, sometimes quite unconventionally, to construct highly evocative landscapes.

Performed by Barbara McKinnon (piano) and Jean Penny (flute).
Miriam Hyde :Autumn in Princes Garden   (1983 - flute and piano)
Miriam Hyde was born in 1913 in Adelaide, and died in January 2005. a few days short of her 92nd birthday. Autumn in Princes Garden (A street in West Acton, London) is a short, but expressively lyrical work. Hyde said of her music: I feel my music can be a refuge for what beauty and peace can still be omnipresent...the triumph of good over evil. I make no apologies for writing from the heart.
Esther Rofe :The Island   (1938 revised 1993 - solo piano)
Esther Rofe was born in Melbourne in 1904. She studied with local musical identities Alberto Zeiman, Fritz Hart and A.E. Floyd before heading to London, in the 1930s, where she attended the Royal College of Music in London. There she studied under Gordon Jacob. Ralph Vaughan Williams and R. O. Morris. She returned to Australia in 1939 and began her long career as a professional composer, working first for the ABC and later for the Colgate-Palmolive Radio Unit in Sydney. She continued to compose until her death in February 2000.
Anne Boyd :Goldfish Through Summer Rain   (1979 - flute and piano)
Anne Boyd was born and lives in Sydney. This evocative piece clearly demonstrates the eastern influences that occur frequently in her music. Her inspiration is often spiritual, based on the intersection of Christian love with Buddhist silence. Her flute works often evoke the shakuhachi - the Japanese bamboo flute. Goldfish Through Summer Rain was inspired by a beautiful poem by Kim: A Summer Hue
After the rain
The blue sky came upon the pond,
So did the summer morning
And so did the sheet of summer shade,
And there the goldfish wrote their summer verse.
Alojz Ajdic :Sounding Landscape   (1980 - solo flute)
Born in 1939 in Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ajdic wrote Sounding Landscape for solo flute in 1980. It has great sonic beauty and an intimate atmosphere. The quiet and contemplative opening unfolds into undulating phrases, which develop into a whirling climax, returning finally to repose.
Peter Sculthorpe :Songs of Sea and Sky   (1987 - flute and piano)
This work, by the well known Tasmanian composer, was originally written for clarinet and piano, and is based on a traditional song from Saibai in the Torres Strait. The six sections include variations on this song, several flute solos, bird calls and a Mission Hymn. Hymns are a common element in Torres Strait music showing the influence of 19th century Christian missionaries. The movement of sea, and changes in sea and sky are colour fully suggested by the music.

Friends Of Kinross

is a group supporting the outreach goals of Kinross House. Launched at the end of 2005, we have had a great response to this group with more than 50 members.

Benefits include: Please see Andrew Blackburn or one of the Kinross House committee members for an application form.

Normal Kinross House Hours:
(in 2006) 

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Weekends 12 noon - 4:00 p.m.
Mr Andrew Blackburn.
Uniting Arts Toorak,
Kinross House,
603 Toorak Road
Toorak, Victoria, 3142
(03) 9829 0340

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