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 Uniting Arts Toorak - Kinross House

Archive of events presented during 2007 by
Uniting Arts Toorak   in   Kinross House

First Monday
of each

Icon School

The Otira Icon Writing classes continues throughout the year on the first Monday of each month in Kinross House. Please see Rob Gallacher or Felicity Doherty for more information.
Third Tuesday
of each
12 noon

Drop-in Scrabble

Meets in Kinross House every 3rd Thursday at 12 midday (following Morning Group). Participants will play a game, then have lunch and after lunch play again. Cost $6 includes coffee. Lunch is available from the Kafé a-la-carte. For more information please phone David Smith on 9415 8623 or Andrew Blackburn on 9829 0340
Last Monday
of each
7:00 - 9:30 pm

Writers Workshop

Join our new Writers Workshop in Kinross House. Here is an opportunity to develop your writing skills in a supportive environment.

Tue, 6 Feb
Fri, 16 Feb

On the walls of Kinross House

All 'For Sale' - Some of the finest examples of works by contemporary Aboriginal artists, along with pictures by Robert Gray, Felicity Doherty, Rachel Johnson and others.
Tue, 20 Feb
5:30 pm

DigiDesign – Public Demonstration

In Kinross House on Tuesday 20th February from 5:30 - 6:30 pm there was a special session for members of the public to see this 'state of the art' recording system in a rare public demonstration by the Head of DigiDesign Australia. (Free admittance).
This is to become a regular event.
Fri, 9 Mar
7:30 pm

Geoffrey Tozer – Program of Russian and Scottish Piano Music

 Geoffrey Tozer in Concert Chrilden Music by Rachmaninov (2nd Piano Sonata), Prokofiev (excerpts from Romeo and Juliet and other ballets) Scriabin Preludes (from op 11 & 16) Mettner Fairy Tales as well as music by Scottish composer Sir John McEwan. This is a really wonderful program of music and the performance of the music by McEwan follows Geoffrey's recent recording in London for Chandos Records of the complete works by this wonderful composer.
Tickets on sale from Kinross House - $30/$20 (concession), Friends of Kinross House $10.
Wed, 12 Mar
Sat, 15 Mar

John Mackenzie Kindergarten

 Some of the Paintings by the Kindergarten Chrilden John Mackenzie Kindergarten will hold an exhibition of art by the children of the Kindergarten. Their launch is in the afternoon of Tuesday 11th and I know that members of TUC and Friends of Kinross would be very welcome to attend and take the opportunity to meet the JMK community.
Sun, 18 Mar
12 Noon

Chansonnier Cordiforme

Click for more images of Chansonnier Cordiforme Presented by Acord in association with Uniting Arts Toorak.

Chansonnier Cordiforme - a gorgeous manuscript... and lovely music to go with it.
The so-called Chansonnier Cordiforme [more formally Bibliotheque nationale de France, ms. Rothschild 2973] was compiled between 1470 and 1477, as can be deduced from the coat-of-arms it bears. The manuscript contains a curiously mixed repertoire, reflecting the nature of its place of origin, the Duchy of Savoy. Just as Savoy combines Italian and French elements, so does the chansonnier, and so do some of the individual songs.

Acord - one of Melbourne's fine music makers Acord, formed in 1979, is Melbourne's longest running medieval performance group with more than 27 years experience. In its concerts, it provides a rich context for the music with narration, visual enrichment and appropriate refreshments.
Margaret Arnold   alto, organetto
Richard Excell
rebec, vielle
Jerzy Kozlowski
Sue Tweg
reader, voice
Carol Williams
harp, voice
Thu, 19 Apr
Sun, 20 May

Contemporary Aboriginal Art

Launch:Thursday April 19th 7 - 9 pm.
Artists:Jack Britten,   Wayne Dalgit,   Lorna Fencer,   Malcolm Jagamarra,   Josie Petrick Kemmarre,   Shirley Purdie Nangari,   Makinti Napananka,   Lily Kelly Napangardi,   Naata Nungurrayii,   Kathleen Petyarre,   Minnie Pwerle,   Madigan Thomas,   Walala Tjapaltjarri,   Dr George Ward,   Julie Weeks,   Barbara Weir,   Padji Honeychild Yankar
Exhibition Hours:Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays 10am - 4pm or by appointment contacting Andrew Blackburn.

 Some of the contemporary Aboriginal art

Universally regarded as the most exciting and dynamic art movement today, contemporary Aboriginal art has captured the imagination of the art world globally. In a few short years, Aboriginal art has come from relative obscurity to centre stage. It's sheer diversity of style and palette defies conventional categorisation; and coupled with its intense spiritual grounding, is more than mere abstract expressionism and it transcends blatant figurative traditions within Western art.

Since the introduction of acrylic paints and canvas, Aboriginal Art has transgressed from traditional symbols representing ceremonial ritual and story telling to an international phenomenon exploring the realms of contemporary abstraction. The development of the dot as a visual tool in Central Desert Art (introduced as a visual means of camouflaging sacred symbols) unconsciously triggered an art movement that is rapidly expanding and ever changing. The once submissive dot applied as a background to symbols representing specific stories of the Dreamtime, has developed to the extent where it now has justification of existence in its own right.

David Corazza's extraordinary collection of aboriginal paintings was brought about by a fascination with the richness and depth of a tradition that is both thousands of years old and is yet, at the same time, rapidly evolving and forever changing. He has a love for the traditional ochres as well as the acrylic paints used with imagination by artists seeking to express their culture and spirituality in completely new ways that are, paradoxically, at the same time deeply rooted in an ancient past. His collection shows an enthusiasm for art that is profound and meaningful as well as beautiful and passionate in its expression.

Sun, 6 May

HymnFest to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the English Hymnal

Includes the 10.15 Special service with hymns from this great hymn book.
Lunch in Kinross House then workshops and talks about the history and background – musical and theological that will illustrate why this date is of such importance. Speakers include Rev'd Dr Peter Blackwood, Louis Fouvy – historian. This event is being run by Kinross House in conjunction with the UCA Synod Committee on Church Music, Royal School of Church Music and the Victorian Society of Organists.
Detailed program:
10:15 am:Service with special music and hymns – Preacher Rev'd Dr Peter Blackwood.
11:30 am:Hymns in the church with choir, audience organ and other instruments.
12:30 pm:Lunch in Kinross House.
1:30 pm:Organ Miniatures and hymn playing.
2:30 pm:Coffee/wine in Kinross House.
3:00 pm:Future of Hymns and Hymn writing – introduction to Hymn-writing workshops.
Cost of the program was $25 per head (includes lunch). Service and 1st session are free.
Mid May

Hymn-writing Workshops

Kinross will be hosting a series of workshops which will explore hymn-writing leading to participants writing their own hymns. Leaders include Rev'd Scott Holmes, composer Ros Bonighton and an all-day workshop event led by John Bell. Please speak to Andrew Blackburn if you are interested in taking part. - Series will start in the middle of May.
Sun, 3 Jun
12 Noon

Have you ever wondered how a musician – Jean Penny

Approaches performances?
Explores the sonic, technical, physical and perceptual?
Creates and projects identity?
Transforms space? Flautist Jean Penny, discusses these issues in a presentation and demonstration of how they impact a player through Noa Noa for flute and electronics by Kaija Saariaho.
Sun, 17 Jun
12 Noon

Arthur – Music for the Myth and the Man

Whether he was the stuff of history is unclear, but King Arthur was certainly the stuff of legend, expressed in all the arts.

Presented by Acord in association with Uniting Arts Toorak.
Acord - one of Melbourne's fine music makers
Acord, formed in 1979, is Melbourne's longest running medieval performance group with more than 27 years experience. In its concerts, it provides a rich context for the music with narration, visual enrichment and appropriate refreshments.
Margaret Arnold   voice
Richard Excell
vielles, rebec
Jerzy Kozlowski
Sue Tweg
narrator, harp
Carol Williams
harp, rebec

Gildas De Excidio Britanniae
(On the Ruin of Britain) c.540
Nennius Historia Britonum
(History of the Britons) c.800
Geoffrey of Manmouth Historia Regum Britanniae
(History of the Kings of the Britons) 1138
Improvisation on
Chrétien de Troyes's Joie ne guerredon d'amors
Wace Roman de Brut
Instrumental performance of
Lamento de Tristano
Marie de France's lai Lanval
Complete performance of
Lai de Chevrefoil
Sir Tristrem
Performance of
Bernart de Ventadorn's Can vei la lauzeta mover
Reading from
Chrétien de Troyes's Erec and Enide
Performance of
Chrétien de Troyes's D'amors ki m'a tolu a moi
Reading from
Thomas Malory's Morte d'Arthur
Tue, 3 Jul
Sun, 22 Jul

Spilling Over – Judith Harley

 Judith Harley  © Judith Harley Alex Zubryn and an introductory talk by Judith's son, the internationally renowned digital artist David Harley, launched this show on Tuesday 3 July, 7 - 9pm.
Judith recently exhibited at the Lyceum Club and many will have seen her work there.
This exhibition includes many pieces never seen before and also represents an opportunity for a wider circle to encounter her works.
Exhibition open from Tuesday 3rd to Sunday 22nd July 2007.
Sun, 15 Jul
3 pm

The Trees Of Eternal Sunshine – RupertG

 RupertG A program of new original works by RupertG (violin) & Melvyn Cann (piano). The compositions span tonal and atonal works and sounds capes. Program includes sonatas for violin & piano as well as solo partitas.

This new program of works is a response to recent events in the world. It studies our humanness, revelations and deeply personal journeys and experiences of transformation, which change us into something beyond the ordinary. The works express through sound our often unsung, painful yet fruitful acts of courage which trigger positive change and real growth in peoples' lives, even on a global scale. The music is intended to be a focus point for change, the courage to act and a compassionate new response through our choices. The purely inspirational nature of the composition process in the works stands for new ways, new more evolved responses. The trees of eternal sunshine are a metaphor for our conscience, which already knows the steps for each of us for making more equality and justice in the world our daily business.

RupertG - violin
European-trained concert violinist and composer RupertG (aka Rupert Guenther) is a leading authority in contemporary classical music through improvisation and has 8 solo CDs of his compositions released worldwide. He regularly tours internationally as a soloist, and has pioneered a world-first method for making original contemporary classical music improvisation which is being acclaimed by professional musicians and university faculties worldwide.
He gained his degree in music (violin) at the Victorian College of The Arts with Donald Scotts and Brian Finlayson and continued his studies for another three years in Austria with the renowned Professor Helfried Fister.

His solo work has taken him on stage in important contemporary music series at the National Gallery of Victoria and St Paul's Cathedral (Melbourne/Australia), AG Festival at the Open University in Milton-Keynes and Glastonbury (UK), Wesak Festival Mt Shasta (California/USA), Centro Franca Sacchi (Milan/Italy), Bombora House (New York /USA) and the Church of St Anna (Vienna/Austria).

He has worked with many international avant-garde performer/composers including Don Conreaux (USA), the Sathya Ensemble (Italy), Riley Lee, Dr Ros Bandt, David Jones and Brigid Burke (Australia). He has held principal positions in the Vienna Chamber Opera, the Australian Philharmonic and was concertmaster with the Fagagna festival orchestra (Italy). He has also worked with John Farnham, Olivia Newton-John and Sir George Martin, and was solo violinist with Greek pop star Demis Roussos' band, rock guitarist Stephen Housden (of Little River Band) and jazz piano virtuoso Allan Zavod (of Frank Zappa).

Melvyn Cann - piano
Melvyn Cann has been a well-known figure on the Melbourne concert platform as professional violinist and pianist for the past 40 years. He has held the position of concertmaster with the State Opera of Victoria, the Melbourne Chorale, the Melbourne Musicians and the Elizabethan Theatre Trust orchestra.

He is an active chamber music and solo player specialising in classical music improvisation. He is also an excellent conductor, poet and composer and has released several CDs of his compositions and poetry.

In addition also taught in the Department of Philosophy at La Trobe University for twenty-eight years where he developed courses in philosophy of Medicine, Music, Composition and Synaesthesia. Melvyn is also an Elder and Medicine Man of the Wirradjuri in NSW and plays the didjeridu.
Tue, 24 Jul
Tue, 21 Aug

Mandalas & Runes – Ian Kendrick

 © Ian Kendrick A show of works on Board, Canvas and Paper by artist-in-residence Ian Kendrick.

Artist's Statement
Composition is important to me and I enjoy juxtaposing colours, shapes, and playing with unexpected spatial configurations. I try to create interesting contrasts of space and form, the natural and the artificial, the probable and the improbable. Although I start a picture with a compositional scheme in mind, I like to follow artistic impulses along the way. And I am often drawn to a fairly simple, direct, cartoonesque style. My work, therefore, has a strong formalistic rationale.

Equally important to me, on the other hand, is my iconography and symbolic imagery, derived mostly from religious visual traditions: the mandala, the cross, and personal adaptations of conventional Christian symbols. With this I aim to represent universal ideas, those well known, not obscure, such as the dichotomy of truth and opinion, nature and culture, all underpinned with an essentially spiritual foundation.

Ian Kendrick

Fri, 23 Aug
Tue, 4 Sep

Landlines – letter, line and form

 MultiFaith Arts Festival logo by Rachel Johnson Artists from different faiths sharing spirituality and art - as part of the 4th Annual MultiFaith Arts Festival
Works by   Rebekah Banks,   Nikki Green,   Marina Holland,   Robert Hoskin,   Rachel Johnson,   Basil Schur and Karin Till.
Wed, 29 Aug

Flute and Keyboard Concert

 Jun-Ichio Tanaka - Jean Penny - Ryoko Mori in the church - hear our new Assistant Organist Ryoko Mori playing organ and piano in concert with flute players Jun-Ichio Tanaka (Japan) and Jean Penny (Melbourne).

Jun-ichi Tanaka graduated from the Toho Gakuen University of Music, where he majored in early music performance. He studied flauto traverso under Masahiro Arita, Masami Kataoka, modern Boehm flute under Hiroshi Sato and Ryu Noguchi and Japanese traditional flute "Shino-bue" under Taneo Wakayama. He has been the leader of Ensemble Ongaku Zammai since 1984, and the group has released five CDs.

Jean Penny graduated from Melbourne University is a passionate and committed performer of all types of flute music (specialising in the performance of flute with electronics through doctoral studies at Queensland Conservatorium). She has worked with many of Australia's major orchestras, including the Melbourne Symphony, Sydney Symphony, Tasmanian Symphony and Orchestra Victoria, has made numerous recordings. Jean gives many concerts in both Australia and Europe - including Hungary, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands and Slovenia. She has appeared at many festivals with solo performances at the Australian Flute Convention, Yarra Connections Music Festival, Melbourne Flute Festival, and the Slovenian Flute Convention.

Ryoko Mori was born in Tokyo, Japan. From an early age she studied piano and soon developed an interest in the organ. She studied organ at Ferris University, and the Tokyo University of Fine Arts. She also completed further studies at Baylor University, in Dallas, Texas. Ryoko is now based in Melbourne and is the organist and choirmaster of the Malvern Presbyterian Church and deputy organist at Toorak Uniting Church.

This concert provides an opportunity to hear these magnificent performers working together in works by Handel, Bach, Fauré, Piazzola and Ross Edwards.
Tickets are $20 & $15 and may be purchased at the door or by booking on 9829 0340.
Sun, 9 Sep
12 Noon

Raimbaut de Vacqueras

On 4th September 1207 the Marquess of Montferrat fell in battle near Salonika. Killed with him, it seems, was his loyal companion the troubadour Raimbaut de Vaqueriras, composer of many vivid and powerful songs.

Presented by Acord in association with Uniting Arts Toorak.
Acord - one of Melbourne's fine music makers
Acord, formed in 1979, is Melbourne's longest running medieval performance group with more than 27 years experience. In its concerts, it provides a rich context for the music with narration, visual enrichment and appropriate refreshments.
Margaret Arnold   voice
Richard Excell
Jerzy Kozlowski
Sue Tweg
Carol Williams
harp and rebec
Tickets:$15 & $10
alto, rebec & vielle
Era·m requier sa costum' e son us
Raimbaut de Vaqueiras (ca 1155-1207?)
Vida of Raimbaut de Vaqueiras (mid 13th cent.)
bass & harp
Gerras ni plaich no·m son bo
Domna tant vos ay preiada
rebec & vielle
descort Bella dona cara
"Epic letter" strophes I & II
bass & harp
Ara pot hom conoisser e proar
"Epic letter" strophe III
rebec & vielle
Kalenda maya [instrumental version]
Razo to Kalenda maya
alto, rebec & vielle
Kalenda maya
Conseil don a l'emperador Raimbaut de Vaqueriras
bass, harp & vielle
No·m'agrada iverns ni pascors Raimbaut de Vaqueriras
Conquête de Constantinople
Geoffroy de Villehardouin (ca. 1150-1213?)
bass, harp & vielle
Savis e fols, humils et orgoillos
Tue, 11 Sep
Sun, 30 Sep

Natural Abstraction – Miriam Morris

 © Miriam Morris works on paper by Miriam Morris.
Launch by Bruno Leti on September 11th, 7 - 9pm.

Artist's Statement
I need to play and teach music and I need to paint and draw. Making sounds and making marks on paper complement each other subtly though directly. I choose particular music to play (interpret) because it is embedded in a history and culture that satisfies my emotions, tastes and musical disciplines. I choose to paint and draw (create) out of a need to express myself with particular colours and shapes, staying open to the possibilities of the mediums that I use and where they might take me. There are abiding shapes that are continually recurring, emanating from the tree, the leaf and the flower.
‘Natural’ Abstraction refers both to my nature and inclinations and that of the world of nature around me. The genre is abstracted art taken from reality, varying in its quasi-figurative and abstract expression.

Miriam Morris

Fri, 14 Sep
8 pm

Bravi, Bravissimi! – A celebration of Italian composers and music

 Matteo Napoli and Catriona DeVere After 20 years performing in separate countries, Italian concert pianist Matteo Napoli and his Australian cousin, Soprano, Catriona DeVere, came together to present a program of works by Bellini, Cimerosa, Liszt, Puccini, Scarlatti and Verdi as well as traditional Italian and Neapolitan Songs.

A reception followed the performance to provide a unique opportunity to meet with the artists in Kinross House.

Program:Se tu m'amiPergolesi
Caro mio benGiordani
Nel cor piu non mi sento?Paisiello
Piano soloSonata in C MajorScarlatti
Piano soloToccata in D MinorScarlatti
Mi chiamano Mimi
(from La Boheme)
Sola, perduta, abbandonata
(from Manon Lescaut)
Vanne, O rosa fortunataBellini
Almen se non possi'ioBellini
Ah, fors'è lui
(from La Traviata)
Piano soloVenezia e NapoliLizt
Neaopolitan SongsA vucchellaTosti
Torni a Surriento
Sun, 30 Sep
12 noon

Miriam Morris

 Miriam Morris in Kinross House - a Viola da Gamba concert of music performed by Miriam Morris.
Program:From First Part of Ayres 1605
      My Hope is decayed
      The Spirit of Gambo
      My Mistresse hath a pretty thing
Tobias Hume
(c1596 - 1645)
Suite in D minor
      Sarabande and Double
      Courante and Double
Monsieur de Sainte Colombe
(c1640 - c1690)
From Book V 1725
      Rondeau le Troilleur
Marin Marais
(1656 - 1728)
From Suite 2 in D minor for solo cello
J.S. Bach
(1685 - 1750)
Transcribed M. Morris
From 27 pieces for the viola da gamba
      Allegro in D minor
Carl Friedrich Abel
(1723 - 1787)
Thu, 4 Oct
Sun, 28 Oct

Precious Delights – Noel & Debbie Waite

 Watercolours and jewellery by Noel and Debbie Waite Watercolours and Italian inspired jewellery by Noel and Debbie Waite
Official launch by Elaine Canty, of the ABC, on Wednesday, 10 October 2007 at 7pm.

Also Noel and Debbie are running workshops - drawing and similar on two Sundays (14th and 21st) during the exhibition. These are for all ages (there are childrens and teenage/adult sessions) working with these talented artists. Do pick up an information sheet from Kinross and book through Debbie (0411 048 120).
Sat, 6 Oct
10:00 am
12:30 pm

Embody Scripture I

The first of three 2 1/2 hour sessions playing around with the notion of embodied reading of scripture using all the senses and more. Taking the scriptures into your being and expressing their meaning working with theologian and minister of TUC - Rev'd Anneke Oppewal and arts practitionsers in each media.
Today, between 10am and 12:30pm dance your way into the lectionary readings for the following week.
Enquiries & bookings - Andrew Blackburn - 9829 0340
Cost $15 per session (includes working materials for each) or $40 for all three sessions.
Fri, 19 Oct
8 pm

Bach by Candlelight

 Bach by Candlelight An evening of Flute and harpsichord sonatas, partita and toccata presented by Jean Penny (flute) and Andrew Blackburn (harpsichord) in the meditative candlelit setting of Toorak Uniting Church.
An evening not to be missed. Enquiries 9829 0340. Tickets $25 & $20
Program:Sonata in E major for flute and harpsichord
      Adagio non troppo   —   Allegro   —   Siciliano   —   Allegro
      from Partita in A minor for solo flute
Sonata in G minor for flute and harpsichord
      Allegro   —   Siciliano   —   Allegro
Toccata in D major for harpsichord
      Presto   —   Allegro   —   Adagio   —   Fugue
Sonata in B minor for flute and harpsichord
      Andante   —   Adagio   —   Presto   —   Allegro
Sun, 28 Oct
12 Noon

Food and Drink

Acord - one of Melbourne's fine music makers Medieval tales and music of food (from strawberries to lasagne) and ale and love and wine...

Among the delights of this concert will be chansons by Colin Muset, Loqueville and anon., 13th century Parisian motets, a very curious Tenorlied, songs from the original Carmina Burana and readings by Boccaccio and Chaucer.

Presented by Acord in association with Uniting Arts Toorak.
Acord - one of Melbourne's fine music makers
Acord, formed in 1979, is Melbourne's longest running medieval performance group with more than 27 years experience. In its concerts, it provides a rich context for the music with narration, visual enrichment and appropriate refreshments.

Margaret Arnold   alto
Richard Excell
vielle, rebec, gemshorn
Jerzy Kozlowski
Sue Tweg
reader, voice
Carol Williams
harp, rebec, voice
Tickets:$15 & $10
Bache bene veniestext - Carmina Burana, melody - Ludus Danielis
Bone compaignieManere (13th cent.)
A la cheminée | Mout sont vaillant | Par verité(13th cent.)
Ballade joyeuse des Taverniers(attrib. François Villon)
Et je souhait(13th cent.)
O Maria, o felix puerpera(13th cent.)
Canterbury Tales. General Prologue: FranklinGeoffrey Chaucer (d. 1400)
Alte clamat Epicurustext - Carmina Burana,
melody after Walter von der Wogelweide
from Moral scholariumJohannes de Garlandia (mid 13th cent.)
Le jeu de Robin et Marion (excerpts)Adam de la Hale (late 13th cent.)
Adieu Paris, adieu petiz pastezEustache Deschamps (1346 - 1406)
On parole | A Paris | Frese nouvele(13th cent.)
Tousjours, sans demander, moustardeEustache Deschamps
De mia farina(ca. 1400)
Decameron. First Day: Fifth StoryGiovanni Boccaccio (1313 - 1375)
Quant je voy yver retornerColin Muset (13th cent.)
from ChroniquesJean Froissart (ca. 1337 - ca. 1405)
Quant compaignonsRichard Loqueville (d. 1418)
Au matin quant je suis leve(15th cent.)
Es leyt eyn schlos yn österreich(15th cent.)
from a memoir of Pope Pius IIcited in Historia Frederici III (1699)
Paule, liebster Stalbruder mein(early 16th cent.)
Conditor en francoystext from Les Grans Noëlz (early 16th cent.)
from an anonymous Venetian “Relazione”(ca. 1500)
Tappster Drinker Fille another ale(15th cent.)
Bevons ma commere(15th cent.)
Jamais a tableEustache Deschamps
Bon vin | Quant je le voi | Ci chanz veult boire
Ci me faut un tour de vin
Bon vin | Quant je le voi | Ci chanz veult boire
(ms. compiled 1317?)
Thu, 8 Nov
Sun, 18 Nov

Art by Katsuya - A New Exhibition

 Katsuya holding a Self portrait in the stables at UAT Mr Katsuya, who has moved in to the Stables at the back of Kinross house, is a gifted and passionate painter. He was born in Japan and studied painting there and in Paris. In 1994 he came to Australia. He lives in Melbourne and had been working from a studio in St Kilda.
Katsuya works to the highest standards. He personally prepares and stretches his canvases, uses only the best quality oil paint and, true to his principles, only paints from life. Other artists and experts agree that he applies paint with particular skill and speed. There is consensus that, whatever the subject, his paintings give viewers a perspective that is at once unique and true. Over the past twenty years Katsuya has exhibited and sold his paintings in Kyoto, Tokyo, Paris and Dublin, as well as Australia. He has received many commissions for portraits and other works, including an important series of religious paintings for a large parish church in Melbourne.
Launched on Thursday, 8 November 7-9 pm.
Thu, 22 Nov
Thu, 29 Nov

Paintings and Drawings – Diana Hone, Dick Johnson & Tim Murray

Opening Night:Thursday, 22 November, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Special hours:Monday to Friday9 am - 7 pm
Saturday and Sunday9 am - 4 pm
Sun, 25 Nov
7:30 pm

Come & Sing Handel's Messiah

 Conductor - John Ferguson  Come and Sing Messiah - 2005 Sing Yourself Messiah on Sunday November 25th starting at 7.30pm. This is the very popular event that has been run from the early 1980's - as part of the Communicating Arts Centre, and now Kinross House. Please make a note in your diary, and please tell all your chorister (and enthusiastic) singer type friends. It is a great night under the baton and watchful eye of John Ferguson, with a top lineup of soloists. Bookings are already open and coming in fast. Music scores can be provided if needed. Enquiries through Kinross House or pick up a brochure and fill out the booking form - there are some available at the rear of the church.
Sun, 2 Dec
12 noon

Wren Consort Concert – Joys of the Bucolic and the Sober

Christina Jonas-mezzo-soprano,      Programme:
Purcell solos
Antony Ransome-Baritone,
Handel duets
Jean Penny-flute,
Bernier Le Café
Fiona Piggott-cello,
Boismortier L'Automne
Andrew Blackburn-Harpsichord.
$25/$20 Friends of Kinross
Sun, 9 Dec
Sun, 23 Dec

 Felicity Doherty

Beyond the Pale – Felicity Doherty

New mixed media work by Felicity Doherty.
9th - 23rd December then 15th January - 3rd February 2008

Opened on Sunday, 9th December by Rev'd Anneke Oppewal.

Artist's Statement
“Beyond the Pale” has more than one meaning... as does this work of meditations, inspired by looking beyond the surface of the environment that shapes me.
Looking “Beyond” what I think I see, to what I feel, and the intangible.
Experiencing “Beyond the Pale” thru metaphor of labyrinth, mandala, aura, chaos, and pattern I am “venturing into unknown territory” and finding hope and faith.

Felicity Doherty

Friends Of Kinross

is a group supporting the outreach goals of Kinross House. Launched at the end of 2005, we have had a great response to this group with more than 70 members.

Benefits include: Please see Andrew Blackburn or one of the Kinross House committee members for an application form.

UAT Hours (in 2007):
Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Mr Andrew Blackburn.
Uniting Arts Toorak,
Kinross House,
603 Toorak Road
Toorak, Victoria, 3142
(03) 9829 0340

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