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 Uniting Arts Toorak - Kinross House

Archive of events presented during 2008 by
Uniting Arts Toorak   in   Kinross House

First Monday
of each
9:30am - 4:00pm

Icon School

The Otira Icon Writing classes continues throughout the year on the first Monday of each month in the Wettenhall room. Please see Rob Gallacher or Felicity Doherty for more information.
Third Tuesday
of each
12 noon

Drop-in Scrabble

Meets in Kinross House every 3rd Thursday at 12 midday (following Morning Group). Participants will play a game, then have lunch and after lunch play again. Cost $6 includes coffee. Lunch is available from the Kafé Kinross. For more information please phone David Smith on 9415 8623 or Andrew Blackburn on 9829 0340
Last Monday
of each
7:00 - 9:30 pm

Writers Workshop

Join our new Writers Workshop in Kinross House. Here is an opportunity to develop your writing skills in a supportive environment.
7 Days
8am to 4pm

 manna Cafe

manna – Cafe and Bakery

Manna - organic foods, sophisticated healthy foods - fresh foods daily! Soup, salads, sandwiches and a couple of warm meals, cakes, homemade jams and breakfast - organic juice, toasts etc, organic coffee, fresh fruit, salad, top quality ingredients. The range of food is increasing with the arrival of Mary and Takako joining the team. Mary and Takako will be preparing food on site and already there has been excellent feedback.

If you plan to come to lunch, it may be wise to book as more and more people from the local community learn about Manna.

Sun, 15 Jan
Sun, 3 Feb

Beyond the Pale – Felicity Doherty

New mixed media work by Felicity Doherty. 9 - 23 December 2007 then 15th January - 3rd February 2008
Opened on Sunday, 9th December by Rev'd Anneke Oppewal.

Artist's Statement
“Beyond the Pale” has more than one meaning... as does this work of meditations, inspired by looking beyond the surface of the environment that shapes me.
Looking “Beyond” what I think I see, to what I feel, and the intangible.
Experiencing “Beyond the Pale” thru metaphor of labyrinth, mandala, aura, chaos, and pattern I am “venturing into unknown territory” and finding hope and faith.

Felicity Doherty

Thu, 7 Feb
Sun, 9 Mar

Moulded in Fire – Alan Browne

 © Alan Browne Bronze works (including the Minemata series) by Alan Browne and narrative verses by Gwenda Schanzle. This will be a very powerful and spiritual exhibition in a variety of media, drawn together by new verse from the highly acclaimed poet Gwenda Schanzle. The poems for the exhibition are based on Gwenda's response to the works as she has experienced them, and provide a wonderful guide to the sculptures - though using another art form. It is an illuminating way to come to the wonderful works of Alan Browne. The poems (and others from various publications) will be available in Kinross House. The launch in Kinross House is on Thursday Feb 7th, 7 - 9pm. The exhibition was launched by Rosemary Crumlin (Head of Fine Arts - Australian Catholic University and a Judge of Blake Prize) in discussion and dialogue with the artist and poet. She is currently completing a book on the Blake Prize.
Thu, 13 Mar
Sun, 30 Mar

Temporary Exhibition – Ian Kendrick, Katsuya and Robyn Bischoff

 © Robyn Bischoff - Lilac Park Following the postponement of our planed exhibition by Selma Oxburgh and Peter Zageris, we are very happy to show works by 2 of our artists - Ian Kendrick and Katsuya, as well as some very joyful works by Robyn Bischoff from Western Australia. All for sale at reasonable prices and a wonderful show - Runs till March 30th.
Thu, 13 Mar
11 am

Travellers Tales – The Grand Silk Road

Trading ideas, faiths, inventions, people and goods over 2000 years - From Xian to Moscow via Kashgar, Bukhara and Samarkand.
Pamela Wilson and David Smith.
Talks with superb photographs, coffee and cake. Admission $10 to support Kinross House.
Sun, 30 Mar
11:45 am

Special Coffee Concert – Frans Thomsson

 Frans Thomsson Visiting Dutch organist Frans Thomsson will play at Toorak Uniting Church. The repertoire will include works by JS Bach, CM Widor, and Cesar Franck. Admission is by donation, so cost is not an issue - why not take the morning off and attend the performance!
Frans Thomassen (1963) studied organ at the conservatory of music in Utrecht (Netherlands).
After this, he went to Paris, and did several courses and studies on interpretation of French organs and organ music with teachers as Jean Langlais, André Fleury and Daniel Roth. In 1998 he completed studies as conductor again in Utrecht. In 2000 he did a Masterclass with Olivier Latry. (“Organiste Titulaire” of “Notre Dame de Paris”) He is member of “Le Puy Musical” in Rouen (france), where he was part of an International Academy around the French composer Alexandre Guilmant in 1998. Frans works as organist and conductor at the parish of St. Boneface Lichtenvoorde in the Netherlands. Concerts as organist and conductor took him to Germany, France and Italy, where he was invited to conduct in the Vatican in 2006.

The organ in Toorak Uniting Church was built by the English organ builder, Peter Collins and installed in 1979. The organ has 2 manuals and pedals. There are 34 speaking stops and 4 couplers. The keyboard and pedal action is mechanical and the stop action is electro-magnetic. In 2002 tonal changes and voicing were carried out by Knud Smenge. The organ is an excellent instrument for music of the baroque and modern periods, and is surprisingly versatile in performing music of the French Symphonic era such as is being played in today's concert.
Sun, 6 Apr
Sun, 4 May

Shadows and Light – Eleni Rivers

An exhibition of acrylic paintings referring to botanical subject matter in an abstract style.
This work reflects a sense of place embracing the influences of landscape, environment and the potential growth of seeds. While the emphasis of this work is about personal exploration, these images are part of a universal language that relate to states of discovery. To align ourselves with these natural cycles and rhythms is to understand our rightful place in our environment, and to honour all living things.
The launch was by Ash Hauser from the Augustinian Centre in Hawthorn after church on April 6 at 11:30am.
Artist floor talk, Sunday April 20, 11:30 - 12:30.
The Exhibition is open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 am to 4 pm, and Sundays 12 noon - 4 pm.
Tue, 8 Apr
11 am

Travellers Tales – Peru and other amazing sights

Altiplano, Lake Titicac, the mighty Amazon river and cities ancient and modern of Cusco and Machu Pichu.
Diana Frew.
Talks with superb photographs, coffee and cake. Admission $10 to support Kinross House.
Tue, 8 Apr
8 pm

Steinway Piano presentation

 Steinway 1 Kinross is very pleased to announce that a major Steinway Piano presentation will occur in the church on April 8. Steinway will bring four pianos (from a copy of the very first Steinway piano, to their latest model) to showcase the role of Steinway in the development of the piano (and piano music) since 1850. A television documentary was made about the recreation of the original piano (the first time anyone has been given permission to make a copy of a Steinway) and will be played by one of the Company Artists. This event is occurring in every capital city and all world-wide Steinway centres, so we are very pleased that they have elected to use our facilities. There will be a reception prior in Kinross with their clients and interested organizations, and Steinway have also extended an invitation to the congregation of Toorak Uniting Church and Friends of Kinross House to attend.
Please speak to Andrew Blackburn if interested, as bookings are essential.
Sun, 13 Apr
3 pm

Piano concert with Steinway artist Tomoaki Kimura

Programe includes Schubert - Piano Sonata in A major and Chopin - 4 Ballades.
Tickets $30 at the door /$25 (pre-booked) (and Friends of Kinross $15) General admission. Please see Andrew Blackburn or Pamela Wilson, or put your name and phone number on the board outside the church. Includes post concert reception in Kinross and special viewing of ‘Surreal Botanicals’ with artist Eleni Rivers. Tickets on sale today. Please speak to Andrew or Pamela to pre-book for this wonderful event.

Tomoaki Kimura was born in Japan in 1973, and began playing the piano at the age of 5. He was the youngest Grand Prix winner of Kawai National Piano Competition at the age of 13, making his concerto debut in Tokyo the following year with New City Philharmonic Orchestra of Tokyo.
Tomoaki moved to England in 1988 and joined Purcell School of Music as John Ogden Memorial Scholar. Soon thereafter he was invited to play for Princess Diana and Prince Charles at Kensington Palace. He later studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London. His teachers have included the legendary concert pianist Shura Cherkassky. Tomoaki was awarded silver medals at international piano competitions in Rome, Italy, and in San Sebastian, Spain.
Tomoaki's concert appearances have included solo recitals at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, New York (2005), Schubert Saal at Vienna Konzerthaus (2006 & 2007) Suntory Recital Hall, Tokyo (2004, 2005), and concerto performances with Swedish Chamber Orchestra under Thomas Dausgaard in Sweden and Japan (2005) and with Japan Philharmonic Orchestra under Numajiri at the Opera City, Tokyo (2005) which was broadcast on national television in Japan. Tomoaki's debut CD, including works by Bach, Mozart and Chopin was released by Universal Japan in 2005.
Steinway Asia Pacific nominated Tomoaki to join Steinway Artists in 2006.
Tomoaki's future engagements include a debut recital on fortepiano in England and return appearances at Carnegie Hall and Vienna Konzerthaus this year.
Sat, 3 May
6:00 pm

Amplified breath (dis)embodied habitat – Jean Penny (flute) and Andrew Blackburn (electronics)

Beautiful new music for flute with electronics. Entry by donation.
The contemporary sonic world of the solo instrument is explored in this concert in a program of music for flute and a variety of interactive technologies and styles. Acoustic resonance and technology, ancient sonic imaginings and present-day cultural imprints meld to create new spaces and sonorities. The inaudible becomes audible, the gesture visible and invisible, sounds reverberated and mirrored and dramatic intensity amplified. A highlight of this concert is the Victorian premier of Warren Burt’s new work, Mantrae. In this work the flautist’s gestures and movements trigger radical sonic modifications to the distilled yet powerful contour of the flute line, signifying non-predictable change and capturing the intensity of the Hindu chant, and the essence of the individual in a continually changing world. Jean Penny commissioned this work, with funding from the Australian Council for the Arts in 2007.
The recital takes place at Kinross House Art Centre, complimented by the exquisite artwork of the current exhibition: Shadows and Light by Eleni Rivers.
Thu, 8 May
11 am

Travellers Tales – Morocco

A fascinating trip through a land that looks like the pictures in our childhood Bible story books.
Anne Smith.
Talks with superb photographs, coffee and cake. Admission $10 to support Kinross House.
Thu, 8 May
Sun, 1 Jun

Garden Splendour – Wendy Ritchie & Juanna Kanis

Launch 7 - 9pm Kinross House. Speaker is Sarah Guest. Invitations are available and all are welcome.
Please speak to Andrew Blackburn for more information
Thu, 5 Jun
Sun, 6 Jul

Common Ground – Images of Lake Mungo and Beyond

 Common Ground by Bruce Thomas A series of photographs by Olinda based photographer Bruce Thomas. These are a very moving collection of works that visually express something of the breadth and spirit of our country and provide a clue to the vastness and yet intimacy of relationship to the land which the indigenous people know. Through this intimacy, comes an understanding of place and belonging, the importance of which we are beginning to fathom in our urban community. The launch was by Prof James Bowler (Prof of Earth Sciences at Melbourne University) who discovered and dated the communities and sites around Lake Mungo.
Thu, 12 Jun
Thu, 19 Jun
Thu, 26 Jun
10:30 am
1:30 pm

Stories of Biblical Women, as told by Rev Barbara Higgins

Women from Ancient Times Speak Today
I invite you to enter with me into the stories of some ancient foremothers, with their daring, their challenges, their wisdom, their suffering and their joy! It is my hobby - or my destiny - to uncover the lives and wisdom of women in ancient times. Too often their voices are muted in the hierarchical and patriarchal church and society. In my research there is a striking similarity in the experiences of women then and now, although thousands of years may divide us. Now I am inspired to give these women their voices, in today's world! Their stories are exciting. They belong to our cultural memory and mythology. In this imaginative presentation all six women will speak for themselves. Their context is the Middle East and each one receives a mention in the Bible: Mary Magdalene, Miriam, Rahab, Deborah, Hagar, Mary.
Come along and share in the stories of these often fearless and feisty women! Entry $10 includes coffee.
Thu, 3 Jul
10:45 am

Travellers Tales – Japan

Madelaine Kenihan.
Talks with superb photographs, coffee and cake. Admission $10 to support Kinross House.
Tue, 15 Jul
Tue, 29 Jul

Sea Views – Ted Billson

 Ted Billson The exhibition was launched by Charles Nodrum on July 15.
Sun, 20 Jul
2:30 pm

Organ Recital – Andrew Blackburn

 Drawing by katsuya Hear the organ as you have never heard it in church! The concert is entitled "the pipe organ as an avant garde instrument of the avant-garde". Music from 1400-1970.

György Sándor Ligeti
(1923 - 2006)
2 Etudes 1967 - 9Coulee (etude number 2)
Harmonies (etude number 1)
Anon (c 1400)from Codex FaenzaKyrie
Arnolt Schlick
(ca. 1455 - ca. 1525)
‘Maria Zart’
Girolamo Frescobaldi
(1583 - 1643)
Capriccio Pastorale
Franz Liszt
(1811 - 1886)
Fantasia & Fugue on B.A.C.H
(1855 rev 1869)
Olivier Messiaen
(1908 - 1992)
from La Nativité du SeigneurMeditation 2
Les Bergers
György LigetiVolumina (1962 rev 1967)
Tue, 5 Aug
Sun, 24 Aug

Open Daily
10am - 4pm

Jennifer Dudley and Outback Aboriginal Art

present another outstanding exhibition of works from the Central and Western Deserts and for the first time at Kinross House, providing an opportunity for the general public to view the evolution of both important elder's as well as the emerging artist's work.

Launch on Friday 8th August at 7:30 - 9:00pm Speaker: The Hon Dr Barry Jones AO

In recognition of their enormous impact on Australia's artistic and cultural landscape, this exhibition showcases the work of artists.
FromUtopia region:Kintore Artists:Emerging Artists: “Awelye” by Emily Pwerle
Galya PwerleRonnie TjampitjimpaSarrita King
Emily PwerleWalala TjapaltjarriPolly Nelson
Molly PwerleChristine PetersenSalina Teece
Gloria Petyarre
Janelle Stockman
Cindy Wallace
Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri
    Telstra Award Winner
“Awelye” by Emily Pwerle

OUTBACK ABORIGINAL ART is exhibiting these works to further develop an appreciation and understanding of Australia's Aboriginal people and their unique and rich contribution to the arts.

Enquiries to Jennifer Dudley - 9882 7696 or Kinross House 9829 0340

Also, a wonderful cross cultural project between the Art Centres and the Kashmir people of edition rugs.
Thu, 21 Aug
Sun, 24 Aug

 Wendy Crombie Jeewellery

Wendy Crombie Jewellery

Brisbane based jeweller, Wendy Crombie, returns to Kinross House for four days only.
Fri, 5 Sep
Tue, 23 Sep

Made in Toorak

Works by artists who are working in Toorak studios. Includes our own artists Katsuya and Louise Baker as well as Noel Waite and others.
Thu, 11 Sep
10:30 am

Travellers Tales – Bhutan

Margaret Jones.
Talks with superb photographs, coffee and cake. Admission $10 to support Kinross House.
Wed, 1 Oct
8:00 pm

 Mario Duella

Mario Duella and Anthony Halliday

International organist, Mario Duella is performing at Toorak with well-known local pianist Anthony Halliday. A fabulous and popular programme for this unusual combination. Great opportunity to hear this brilliant organist at Toorak. Tickets $25 & $20.

Georges BIZET   (1838-1875)Intermezzo from "L'Arlésienne" transcribed by Cesar Franck

Fantaisie from "Carmen" transcribed by R. de Vilbac

Clifford DEMAREST   (1874-1946)Fantaisie

Air varie

Charles-Marie WIDOR   (1844-1937)Marche Nuptiale

Piano Solo

Schubert   (1897-1828)Impromptu in G flat Op.90

Liszt   (1811-1886)Harmonies du Soir

Organ Solo

Luigi BOTTAZZO   (1845-1924)Fantasia opus 120 n. 6
Tue, 7 Oct
Sun, 26 Oct

IrfanSpace – Mark Pedersen, Natalia Gould and Nazid Kimmie

irfan: cognition, knowledge, perception; recognition, acknowledgement.

As part of the 5th annual interfaith arts programme at Kinross House Arts Centre, and supported by the Islamic Council of Victoria, The IrfanSpace exhibition was opened by the panellist of Salam, Cafe Susan Carland and ICV member Nur Shkembi on Thursday, 7 October. The opening speech given by Nur Shkembi is now available.

IrfanSpace is a mixed-media exhibition featuring photography, sound and video installation, poetry, and interactive online media, presented by Mark Pedersen, Natalia Gould and Nazid Kimmie.

After extensive travel in Muslim countries, all the artists now call Australia home. Reflecting on the question of the place of Islam within Australia, they where also asked whether their journeys through the deserts of Oman, Yemen, Jordan and Egypt led them deeper into the heart of Islam? Did the green fields of Indonesia or the crowded streets of India unlock secrets that can't be found here? Natalia Gould has drawn upon her own Indonesian heritage to contribute every-day images of kids cycling to school through the rice paddies, and the sun setting over the dome of the local mosque. Yet her bold style comes to the fore when capturing the weathered face of a tea-brewer in Yemen, or the crowds outside the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah.
Ultimately, the truth may lie beneath all such surface appearances, as poet Nazid Kimmie suggests:
“For what is Church, Temple or Mosque but stones reaching for warmth?” Taking the centuries old tradition of mystic poetry into the present day, Kimmie exhorts the listener to tear down the respectable facades of religiosity, embrace the foolishness of divine love, and above all “hear the notes of others, and don't miss the conductor's cue.”
IrfanSpace will feature an audio visual installation of Kimmie's poems, along with selections from contemporary poets from India and Iraq.

A limited edition hand-bound catalogue, including multi-media archive material, will be available from the gallery. Regular edition catalogues will be available from the exhibition website and the gallery. An exploration of the pathways and spaces between people, cultures, past, present and eternity. Sound, images and poetry from Islamic cultures and traditions around the world invite reflection and engagement locally, globally, internally. Encounter the city of Hyderabad through the stories of peace workers living in the midst of conflict; lose yourself in the deserts of oman, yemen and Jordan; discover communities and connections just a tram-ride away; explore the conceptual spaces of Islamic mystics; sense the presence that is closer than your heartbeat.

Artist's Statement
The exhibition is an exploration of the pathways and spaces between people, cultures, past, present and eternity. Sound, images and poetry from Islamic cultures and traditions around the world invite reflection and engagement locally, globally, and internally.

IrfanSpace starts by exploring the local connection between the community of Toorak and the Muslim communities around Moreland - two localities linked by the No. 8 tram line but with very different cultures. The artists were asked to consider what exactly is Australian Muslim culture? Is it having a local Turkish restaurant, or noticing the woman in hijab who rides your tram? Is it the exotic sounds of sitar or gamelan, Arabic shop signage, the halal butcher, the carpet shop? Is it a BBQ, a game of footy in the backyard, a family celebrating the arrival of a new child?

Stepping beyond local borders, where have Australian Muslim communities come from? Does the journey through the deserts of Oman, Yemen, Jordan and Egypt lead you deeper into the heart of Islam? Do the green fields of Indonesia or the crowded streets of India unlock secrets that can't be found here, or is coming home to the streets of Melbourne the essential step of the journey?

The world seems vast, with more sights and sounds than can fit into three rooms of a gallery, and more journeys than can fit in a lifetime. Yet what of the inner journey, through the desert and the empty spaces of the heart? What poetic map can guide you? What Qibla anchors the compass of your heart?

Step into IrfanSpace: broaden your knowledge, deepen your perception, sense the presence that is closer than your heartbeat.

Mark Pedersen, Natalia Gould and Nazid Kimmie, 2008

Thu, 9 Oct
10:30 am

Travellers Tales – St Kilda and Florence

Sandra Stacy and Colin Attenborough.
St Kilda - the island off the coast of Scotland, NOT the Melbourne suburb. Sandra will bring the spectacular ball dresses she has made and worn while dancing at the historic balls held in Florence each year.
Travellers Tales are talks with superb photographs, coffee and cake. Admission $10 to support Kinross House.
Sun, 12 Oct
2:30 pm

Howlin’ Wind – Andy Richardson

Hear this very popular flautist in concert at TUC. Tell your musically interested friends and make a note of these dates in your diary. http://www.howlinwind.com
Sun, 19 Oct
1:30 - 2:30pm

Love is divine – Ustad Kalil Gudaz

A unique performance of “Love is divine” poetry of Rumi sung in Persian by Ustad Kalil Gudaz & party, accompanied by tabla, sitar. Cost $15.00. Bookings: 0401 098 911.
Fri, 7 Nov
Tue, 25 Nov

Prayer & Paint – Icon Exhibition

Icons for contemplative prayer in the Church.
Gallery display in Kinross House.

The Exhibition was opened was on Friday 7 November.
    Speaker: Rosemary Crumlin, R.S.M.; O.A.M. Art Historian and Curator.
    Choral Items: Blackbird Quartet.
Fri, 14 Nov
7:00 pm

A Crumpled Amen

An introduction to the life and poetry of R. S. Thomas (1913 - 2000) whose poetry explores the meaning of faith in the modern world and our relationship with the earth. Commentary and readings by Rev'd Rod Horsfield.
Thu, 20 Nov
Thu, 27 Nov

Outback Aboriginal Art

CHRISTMAS SHOW at Kinross House of recent works by new and emerging artists including: Gayla Pwerl, Walala Tjapaltjarri, Selina Teece and Polly Ngale. A range of bright and affordable art and some artefacts.
Enquiries:Jennifer DudleyOutback Aboriginal Art9882 7696
Andrew BlackburnKinross House9829 0340
Tue, 2 Dec
Sun, 21 Dec
10am - 4pm

Unity in Diversity – Robyn Bischoff

Wear Your Art on Your Sleeve – Ellen Green

An exhibition of paintings by Robyn Bischoff and handmade patchwork jackets by Ellen Green.
Launch on Tuesday, 2 December at 7:30pm. Miss Terry Greene and Wendy Ritchie are the guest speakers.
Sun, 14 Dec
11:30 am

Coffee Concert

Great romantics, Brahms and Beyond, music for violin, soprano, french horn and piano, Toorak Uniting Church, featuring Louise Blackburn, Catriona de Vere, Barbara McKinnon and James Barber. Entry by donation to further the work of Kinross House.
The programme will feature the Brahms D minor violin sonata, songs by Korngold and Carlisle Floyd and the final movement of the Brahms trio for horn, violin and piano.
Mon, 15 Dec
Fri, 19 Dec

Art Classes

Debbie Waite, a well-known art teacher will again run art classes for (mostly) primary school age students each day, with morning and afternoon sessions.
This will give busy parents an opportunity to provide fun activities for their children before Christmas, but after school finishes and you could then take the opportunity to have lunch or coffee in Cafe Manna.

Friends Of Kinross

is a group supporting the outreach goals of Kinross House. Launched at the end of 2005, we have had a great response to this group with more than 70 members.

Benefits include: Please see Andrew Blackburn or one of the Kinross House committee members for an application form.

UAT Hours (2008):
9 am - 4 pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and Sunday 12 noon - 4 pm
Mr Andrew Blackburn.
Uniting Arts Toorak,
Kinross House,
603 Toorak Road
Toorak, Victoria, 3142
(03) 9829 0340

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