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 Uniting Arts Toorak - Kinross House

Archive of events presented during 2013 by
Uniting Arts Toorak   in    Kinross House

Tue, 29 Jan
Sun, 3 Mar

"Women of Spirit" – Frances Sheahan and Maureen Stone

 'Indian Girl with Scalves' and 'Poppiness' by Frances Sheahan Kinross House is very pleased to invite you to the first opening in 2013 for "Women of Spirit" - an exhibition featuring visual artist, Frances Sheahan and textile artist, Maureen Stone.

'Indian Girl with Scalves' and
'Poppiness' by Frances Sheahan

Fran Sheahan
I spent most of my professional life as an educator, first in primary schools, then with adults in justice, spirituality and living across cultures. More recently I spent several years caring for homeless women and children in short term crisis accommodation and providing initial support for people who have been sexually assaulted. All of those roles gave me the opportunity to speak up and stand with those who have been treated badly in one way or another. Along with some volunteer roles, painting is now the main way I use my voice, not only to stand with those who need to be treated more justly, but also to reflect on and celebrate the natural world and life, a life characterised largely by joy and hope. I have been able over the last several years to bring together my use of art as a tool for personal reflection or healing and the pursuit of art itself. Now I find art and life weave themselves together into one thread. In other words, painting is a deeply spiritual activity.

Maureen Stone
As I moved out of the work force, I took the opportunity to pursue textile art. From a young age I loved working with wool yarn and watching my mother knit. While working in a country town I learnt to spin. The group I belonged to decided to try felting. We didn't know what we were doing but my piece felted. When my piece dried it stayed on the sideline until I met two women in Western Australia who had learnt felt making from the Bunbury Feltmakers. All they wanted to do was make felt and I caught their enthusiasm. While still in WA, the third "Southern Hemisphere Felt Making Convergence" happened in Bunbury. Out of nowhere came all these wonderful, creative felt makers who were willing to share their knowledge and learn from each other. In the past I have tried to be creative through water colour and pencil drawing but now I have found textile art. It is risk taking. What you plan and lay out changes through the process of felting and that is challenging.

Together, the artists are aiming to raise funds through their exhibition for Amnesty International Australia and the International Women's Development Agency.

Please join us on opening night - Thursday, 31 January 2013 at 6pm when along with your $10 donation upon entry to the opening, art sales proceeds will be distributed to Amnesty International Australia and the International Women's Development Agency.
Guest Speaker: Christina Rowntree - Artfull Faith Co-ordinator, Centre of Theology and Ministry.
Please come along to support this special event, the artists and all 'Women of Spirit'!

Thu, 21 Feb

Creative Church Conversation Group

The Creative Church Conversation Group will meet at Kinross Arts Centre to look at the current exhibition, visit artist studios and discuss the use of visual art through ministry, church services and to enhance the interpretation of spiritual and religious ideas.

Tue, 5 Mar
Sun, 14 Apr

"After Ruby Gap" – Jane Oehr

 'Dawn Cliff face' - Jane Oehr Featuring works on canvas by Jane Oehr

Dawn Cliff face by Jane Oehr

Jane Oehr is an established artist and film maker who lives and works between Sydney, Melbourne and France. 'After Ruby Gap' is an exhibition featuring a body of work made during and after a trip to Ruby Gap which is a nature park 150kms east of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.
Jane's paintings capture the mood, spirit and colour of the remote landscape she saw and experienced during her travels. These stunning large scale canvases are a unique interpretation of the traditional Arrernte land.

The exhibition was opened by Mr Oliver Streeton (grandson of Arthur Streeton) on Thursday, 5 March 2013 at 6pm.

Wed, 17 Apr
Sun, 2 Jun

"Blake Resonances"

Artists:Barbara Bateman;   Felicity Doherty;   Michael Donnelly;   Karl Duldig (1902-1986);   Julie Edgar;   Maddie Felder;   Margi Gibb;   Louise Rippert;   Michelle Sakaris;   Frances Sheahan   &   Valentin Varetsa.
Guest Poet:Myron Lysenko
Opening:Wednesday, 17th April at 6pm - all welcome.
Guest Speaker:Bishop Dr Ian George AO
This special exhibition is a major event for us in 2013 and features contemporary visual art made by Victorian artists about spiritual and religious themes. Curated by Kinross Arts Centre, the exhibition continues the dialogue and engagement with the Blake Society and religious art.
The opening on Wednesday, 17th April was a great success and we appreciated the opening words from UAT Chairperson, Pamela Wilson, Cr John McMorrow and Bishop Dr Ian George.
Generously sponsored by Stonnington City Council.

Thu, 2 May

Blake Prize tour at the Jewish Museum of Australia

Kinross Arts Centre is organising a tour to see the Blake touring exhibition currently showing at the Jewish Museum.
This exhibition emanates from Sydney and is curated by the Blake Society.
Tickets are $13.00 each and include morning tea.

Sun, 12 May

Harp Concert - "Automne" by harpist, Megan Reeve

Automne: changing colours of harp music is a journey through the fantastic kaleidoscope of compositions for the harp.

Megan Reeve has been performing professionally on the harp for over twenty years. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree with Honours from the University of Melbourne, a Master of Music Performance degree from the Victorian College of the Arts, and a Master of Arts in Music, Culture and Politics from Cardiff University, Wales. Megan has also completed a Summer Academy course in Salzburg, Austria.

Megan has performed with a diverse range of music ensemble, from the Melbourne Symphony and the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra, through to touring with Jose Carreras, the Bolshoi Ballet and Kanye West for the U2 Vertigo tour. Her television appearances include 'Good Morning Australia', 'It Takes Two', 'Dancing with the Stars' and 'Spicks and Specks'.

Enquiries: www.melbourneharpmusic.com.

Fri, 24 May

"A Day of Beautiful Things" – Jewellery and Clothing Sale

Event organiser, Jill Nazar, is back in Melbourne with her one day sale of textiles, possum wool clothing and jewellery at Kinross House on Friday 24th May. Start saving for these lovely items that make a great gift or purchase for your Winter wardrobe.

Tue, 28 May
Sun, 2 Jun

"Visual Poetry"

From the visual poetry produced by St Catherine's Girls School and some members of the TUC congregation will be on display in Gallery One in a folio for visitors to read and see and enjoy. This poetry was produced under the guidance of Myron Lysenko.

Thu, 6 Jun
Sun, 30 Jun

"Horti-Culture" – A conceptual ceramics exhibition by Christopher Headley

 Kitchen Spade Horti-Culture is an installation of work that explores the ever-changing way we engage with, or relate to the natural world. It uses Gallery One at Kinross House as a site-specific space. It utilizes the architectural features of the space while embracing the garden view through its feature window. The title, Horti-Culture, of course, is a word-play which references the view of the garden, while 'cultivating' culture. The installation reinvents kitchen tools, gardening implements and representations of houses as objects of curiosity and wonder. The totality, hopefully, encourages the viewer to spend time contemplating the outside from within.

Opening: Thursday 6th June 2013 at 6pm. Guest Speaker: renowned Australian potter, Dr Owen Rye will open the exhibition and the artist will be present to talk about his work to our visitors. Christopher is a ceramic artist who has made conceptual work specifically to fit in with the heritage spaces and furniture of Kinross Arts Centre. For more information about the artist please visit his website at www.christopherheadley.net/
Please bring a friend and enjoy the hospitality of the artist and some innovative ceramic artworks.

Sun, 30 Jun

New Beginnings paintings by Ray Dahlstrom

These seascapes are the work of Ray Dahlstrom, an artist living in South Gippsland. Rays work reflects his concern about the effect that climate change is having on the environment, and the love of his new home by the sea. Ray's exhibition is generously supported by Drummond Wines - Drummonds Corrina Vineyard.

Tue, 2 Jul
Sun, 4 Aug

Light On The Subject – Bruce Thomas

 Ploughed. Gnarwarre, Victoria. - Bruce Thomas This is a photography exhibition featuring Victorian landscapes.

Ploughed. Gnarwarre, Victoria.
© Bruce Thomas

Bruce Thomas is a professional photographer and art director and this exhibition represents a body of work created over the last year for his own artistic practice. Bruce uses natural light and the sunlight at the end of the day to enhance the mood of his work.

Bruce will be attending the Gallery each Sunday between 10am-3pm.
This is a great opportunity to meet the artist, view his work and engage with the artistic program at Kinross.

Artists Statement:
Light, of course, is the magic ingredient.
For artists and perhaps, more particularly, for photographers it provides the means whereby we can produce images as we see them, or want them to be seen.
In the studio, control is almost absolute, but outdoors it's a different matter.
The landscape photographer needs to work with what's available.
However, although the task may be more difficult, the results can be breathtakingly beautiful and alluring when the light is favourable.
These images reflect some certain areas I'm continually drawn back to.
The topography may appear unremarkable at first glance.
But this gentle, subtle terrain continually fascinates and challenges me.
And as I extend my knowledge and refine my vision it allows me to re-interpret its beauty over and over again. To re-compose, and re-design the land, as I see it.
Chameleon-like, it changes; never appearing the same, as it mirrors the effects of the Seasons, the time of day and the prevailing weather conditions.
With this series I have tried to capture and portray some of these moods.
Whether tranquil, or wild: it's all about the light.
And ensuring I'm in the right place, just a little before the right time.

Bruce Thomas

Tue, 6 Aug
Fri, 30 Aug

My Companion An exhibition of sketches and dog portraiture – Cassandra Mastoris

This exhibition features a series of dog portraiture and domestic interiors. Cassandra has a gift in capturing the personality of her subject and the feeling of intimacy created when a pet is introduced into one's home and heart. Cassandra is a trained artist and has produced many commissioned portraits of people's treasured pets.

Artist Biography:
"For a person who is so perceptive of people's emotions and motives, Cassandra perhaps counter intuitively, chooses as her subject animals and in particular, dogs. With a fine eye and excellent draughtsmanship skills, she captures them with great tenderness and perception those animals around her". ~ Janet Code 2013.

Cassandra was born in 1965 in Melbourne and grew up in country Victoria until she went away to boarding school in Geelong.

She studied drawing under Pam Hallandal at Victoria College, Prahran and finished her studies in Art History at ANU.
She has worked as an arts administrator at the Drill Hall Gallery, as the art teacher at Bowen Street Community Centre, completing a four panel mural as part of the thirtieth anniversary celebrations opened by the Hon. Peter Costello, been the guest artist for Lort Smith at the Stonnington 'Pets in the Park' day and recently completed a Dip Ed in Visual Arts at Monash.

She is married with two boys and a dog and still manages to do commissioned drawings when she's not in the classroom teaching.

Wed, 14 Aug
Fri, 30 Aug

Collected Works – Uniting Arts Toorak

This exhibition features art held in the personal collections of UAT members and the Kinross community. Come in to see contemporary photography, oil paintings and prints, each representing the taste and interests of the collector.

Sun, 25 Aug

Sacred Stage – Jacqui Rutten

 Jacqui Rutten
Jacqui Rutten will perform in the Kinross Gallery.

Sacred Stage features Jacqui Rutten's "beautiful" sacred vocal music - Celtic, classical, original, rare and popular songs; from ornamental chant and Irish folk hymns, to social justice and humorous songs. Jacqui is classically trained and won Indonesian and Australian awards for study of singing. She began busking at 14. Highlights have included composing for the Sydney festival and singing for ABC Radio and as a regular cantor at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne.

Tickets: $10 Concession & Pensioner; $20 Full.

This concert is part of the Kinross 2013 boutique concert series.

Sat, 31 Aug
Sun, 15 Sep

2013 Special Exhibition – Association of Sculptors of Victoria

 Association of Sculptors of Victoria This is an exhibition featuring new work by members of the Association of Sculptors of Victoria. Sculptures are situated in the gallery, hall and garden of Kinross House.

Artists include:
Avis Gardener, Leonie Amerena, Ken Free, Paul Cacioli, Gillian Govan, Monica Mauer and Robert Kendi.

This is a rare opportunity to see sculpture sited around Kinross Arts Centre and in the Café garden.
Pieces range from traditional bronze work to contemporary designs, ideas and mediums.

The opening was on Saturday, 31 August 2013 2-4 pm.

Thu, 12 Sep

The Duldig Studio – Public Museum and Art Gallery Tour

You're invited to join a special museum tour
where:The Duldig Studio, 92 Burke Road, East Malvern.
when:Thursday, 12th September at 10.30am – 12:00pm.
cost:$20 per person; $15.00 concession – price includes morning coffee.
about duldig studio:The Duldig Studio is a public museum and art gallery showcasing works of art by the internationally acclaimed sculptor Karl Duldig (1902-1986) and his wife, the artist and inventor Slawa Duldig nee Horowitz (cc1902-1975).
In the artist's charming former home, garden and studio, the sculptures, drawings, paintings and decorative arts tell the story of their creative lives in Vienna, Singapore and Melbourne. The museum offers the opportunity to explore and enjoy fine art in an authentic domestic setting.
For more information about the museum please go to www.duldig.org.au
tour guide:Donna Cooper – Manager – Duldig Studio.
where to meet:Cars/car pool will leave from Kinross Arts Centre at 10:00am.
rsvp:By Tuesday, 10th September via email to uat@toorak.unitingchurch.org.au
enquiries:Lyndel on 9829 0340.

Tue, 17 Sep
Sun, 29 Sep

Revelations through art – collected works from TUC

The purpose of curating this exhibition is to bring the congregation of Toorak Uniting Church closer to the artistic program of Kinross Arts & Spirituality Centre. As I have met with congregation members and lenders to the exhibition, I have been able to hear the stories of how art was acquired or collected and about the memories triggered by individual artefacts. For example, a painting becomes a reminder of a trip or family member, independence or significant juncture in one's life journey. This process has been a privilege; to be trusted with people's art, documentation and revelations about the circumstances in which art has brought meaning to the collector's lives and depth to their day to day environment. The things that surround us show much of our history and our ability to care for material items as a way to connect with life's transience. A synergy between collection items also reveals trends in Australian art, the dominance of certain art movements and artists as they captured the public's imagination, as well as the generosity of our immediate community in terms of sharing unique belongings.
On display from 17-29 September; Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm

Wed, 2 Oct
Sun, 27 Oct

Urban Imprint – prints by artists from the Firestation Print Studio, Armadale

This exhibition features prints made in Armadale's Firestation Print Studio. Over 20 artists are participating in this collaborative exhibition which aims to showcase local artists and foster ties with a local arts organisation. The Firestation Print Studio provides printmaking equipment, galley space and individual studios to artists working in diverse print techniques.
Opens: Tuesday 8th October; 6pm-8pm. On display until Sunday 27th October.
Special Events: Silent Auction and Raffle to win a handmade print on Tuesday, 8th October; Artist Talk on Sunday, 13 October.

Sun, 6 Oct

 Thomas Lorenzo

Memories de Barcelona – Thomas Lorenzo and Band

Thomas Lorenzo presents the Premier of the Suite: "Memories de Barcelona" - Minimalistic Contemplations in Flamenco, Jazz and Pop.

Eight compositions that reflect upon Christian values that bond our community.

Thomas Lorenzo:Composer, Guitars.
His latest CD Spanish Breeze has achieved top 30 in the USA World Music charts. He has performed with Grammy Award winner Alphonso Johnson, Bruce Sugar (Ringo Starr), Dave Garfield (Benson) & Walfredo Reyes (Santana).
Jeremy Alsop:Bass
An established composer, performer, arranger, engineer and producer. Artists that have performed his work include: Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Chad Wackerman, Mary Doumany, Paul Grabowsky and Colin Hay.
Steve Falk:Percussion
He has worked with the Melbourne Symphony, Queensland Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria, Tasmanian Symphony and Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa.
Jordan Murray:Trombone
Lecturer in Jazz Studies at Monash University. He has established a career in many diverse areas of the music industry in Australia. He has been one of Melbourne's first call trombonists over the past 15 years as well as composing and arranging for a wide variety of situations.
Wominjika Vocal Quartet

Tue, 15 Oct
Tue, 22 Oct

Acoustic Guitar Workshops – Thomas Lorenzo

Each workshop directed by Master Guitarist - Thomas Lorenzo. All welcome; enquiries: Thomas 0448 348 701.

Sun, 20 Oct

Songs from Distant Times – by voxArpa

The 2013 Kinross Boutique Concert series continues with Songs from Distant Times performed by the harpist Megan Reeve (harp) & Sarah Cole (mezzo soprano). $25/$30 per ticket at the door.

Tue, 29 Oct
Sun, 24 Nov

Contemporary Indigenous Art – Jennifer Dudley

 Contemporary Indigenous Art Presented by Jennifer Dudley of Outback Aboriginal Art
The exhibition showcases carefully selected works by some of our senior, as well as emerging artists.
Artists:Glenda Adamson,  Wendy Nungurrayi Brown,  Dr George,  Susan Gibson,  Sarrita King,  Simeon Manakgu,  Beerbee Mungnari,  Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra,  Lorraine Nakamarra,  Kayi Kayi Nampitjumpa,  Brenda Napaltjarri,  Emily Andy Napaltjarri,  Katarra Butler Napaltjarri,  Mitjili Napurrula,  Kathleen Ngale,  Nancy Nodea,  Elizabeth Nyumi Nungurrayi,  Colleen Wallace Nurgurrayi,  Rozanne Patrick,  Ada Bird Petyarre,  Katie Petyarre,  Emily Pwerle,  Selina Teece Pwerle,  Linda Syddick.
Opening:Tuesday, 29 October 2013 6-8pm
Dates:Wednesday, 30 October to Sunday, 24 November 2013
Opening Hours:Monday to Friday - 10:00am to 3:30pm
Weekends - By appointment
Enquires:Jennifer Dudley 0418 353 945, email: outback@i.net.au
Beautiful ochres and acrylics on canvas by Aboriginal men and women living in remote communities.

Sun, 10 Nov
12 noon

Get Into Art in Stonnington Open Day – Kinross House

This is a day that focuses on the Kinross Artist Studios and gallery spaces. The Studio artists are talented individuals who work in a range of mediums. On Sunday you will be able to see artists in their studios and talk to them about their work and artistic processes.

Who's in the House:
Lilia and Valentin VaretsaStudio 1 (printing & illustration),
Amanda DowdStudio 2 (jewellery),
Fran HaarsmaStudio 3 (video production),
Jane CreenauneStudio 4 (painting, drawing & sculpting),
Henry DobsonStudio 5 (writing),
Jan Prislin-PlanincStudio 6 (painting, drawing & printmaking),
KatsuyaStudio 7 (painting),
Raz PsonisManse Gallery Café Proprietor and Manager,
Jennifer DudleyCurator, Contemporary Indigenous Art Exhibition.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about what's happening at Kinross; who our studio artists are and how they work. Lilia Varetsa will be conducting a children's activity to make animal crowns with children aged 5-10 years. Call in for coffee, arts sales and a licence to wander.

Tue, 26 Nov
Fri, 20 Dec

Christmas at Kinross – End of Year Exhibition

Curated by Amanda Dowd - The end of year exhibition features the Kinross Studio artists as well as guest artists - Jonathan Dudley (paintings) and Susan Swenser (textiles). Come in and see our hall decorations made by the children attending the John Mackenzie Kindergarten. Christmas cards made by artist and philanthropist, Bic Walker are for sale in the Café.
Open: Tuesday, 26 November - Friday, 20 December; 10am-3pm Monday - Friday.

Fri, 6 Dec

Friends of Kinross – End of Year Celebration

Morning tea and a guest speaker will mark the end of another busy year at Kinross. All welcome.

Kinross House Gallery

Normal Gallery Hours:  The Gallery is open Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 3pm  Lyndel Wischer
Manager:  Lyndel Wischer
Address:  Kinross House,
603 Toorak Road
Toorak, Victoria, 3142
Telephone:  (03) 9829 0340
Kinross Office Hours:  Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 3pm or by appointment.
Expressions of Interest to Exhibit at Kinross House can be emailed to Lyndel Wischer
email:   uat@toorak.unitingchurch.org.au

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