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Toorak Uniting Church - Update

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Toorak Uniting Church

Toorak Uniting Church – Update – Easter 3

19 April 2015

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Still thinking — Blessings
Some cultural differences are so small that they are hardly noticed. Others are small but can be easily misinterpreted; while other cultural differences are perplexing and difficult to comprehend. When I went to Canada in 1985 it wasn’t such a difficult adjustment for the English speaking Australian. However I was going to English speaking Ontario. Going to Quebec would have been a very different experience.

On my arrival in Toronto I needed to purchase an Australian/North American adapter to run the computer off mains electricity. I waited for the lift on the 8th floor of the hotel and was greeted by a man with a young child in a stroller. The lift arrived and I motioned for him to enter, "Thank you Sir," he said. When we reached the ground floor, as the doors opened he looked me straight in the eyes and said, "You have a very good day." There was something in his voice and manner that made those words come out more as a blessing than as a perfunctory greeting. His measured tone, sincerity and perhaps even his accent, made me feel as if I would have a very good day.

Later in the day I had lunch with a friend I had corresponded with over the years. Jeff is a minister with the United Church of Canada. As we left the restaurant he hugged me and said, "Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore – I hope that the memory of our friendship will be everlasting," my second blessing for the day.

Sometime ago reading a book by Thomas Lewis on the science and development of the brain titled, "A General Theory of Love." Lewis suggests that we "read" people in two ways, in fact with our "two brains." The first is the highly developed neocortical, the front part of the brain that analyses and processes our thinking. But we also read people with the limbic system, the more primitive brain that loves, cares, protects and nurtures. When we meet a new person or greet an old friend it is this part of us/our brain that is often most engaged. We don’t have easy access to what we think about the experience, we just feel it. We may be moved or threatened; feel compassion or disinterest; or love or fear. It is why we have formal social rituals and gestures for greeting and saying goodbye. And even though cultures vary in how these gestures are performed they draw their significance from the common core of our humanity.

This week I visited a man in hospital who is in the last days of his life. When it was time for me to leave I asked him, "Would you like me to say a blessing?" He said, "Yes please." He closed his eyes and held my hand and I prayed for him. I don’t remember my words but I sensed that grace had passed between us. May we bless each other in both our coming and our going.

Christopher Page

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Diary Dates

Tuesday, 21 April at 8:00am: Autumn Breakfast. Kinross House.
At 4:30pm: Management Team Wettenhall Room.
Wednesday, 22 April at 6:30/7:30 PB Handbell Choir/Quartet. Wettenhall Room.
Thursday, 23 April at 9:15am: UAT Meeting. Kinross House.
Saturday, 25 April: ANZAC Day.
Sunday, 26 April at 10:15am: Worship and ANZAC commemoration. Church.
Monday, 27 April at 12 noon: Time for Fellowship Lunch. Faichney Room.
Tuesday, 28 April at 6:00pm: Dance Class Formal. Hall complex.
Wednesday, 29 April at 6:30/7:30 PB Handbell Choir/Quartet. Wettenhall Room.
Thursday, 30 April at 10:00am: Prayers for Christian Unity. Swedish Church.
Thursday, 30 April at 6:00pm: Dance Class Formal. Hall complex.
Sunday, 3 May at 3:00pm: Bach Society Concert. Church.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Fundraising Stall:
The stall last Sunday raised $561.80 for Church funds. Well done and a big THANK YOU to all those involved!
Today there will be some left-over jams and fresh cumquat marmalade for sale. DON’T MISS OUT!

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Anzac Centenary March
Kelly O’Dwyer MP invites you to join her for the City of Stonnington & Higgins Centenary of Anzac Committee Anzac Centenary March on Sunday 19 April 2015.

11:00am Meet at Malvern Gardens, corner of Park St and High St, Malvern
12:15pm March arrives at Malvern Cricket Ground, High St, Malvern
12:30-1:05pm Ecumenical Service at Malvern Cricket Ground, cnr Glenferrie Rd and High St, Malvern
1:05pm Stalls with refreshments and memorabilia
Individuals are encouraged to wear medals.
Community groups can also march with a banner or flag.
Due to road closures on High St, car parking will be limited but there will be a drop-off point on Park St for those who are infirmed or require extra support for the March. Enquiries: 8290 1333.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Grahame Taylor
We are sad to announce the passing of Arthur Grahame Taylor on Monday 13th April. Grahame’s funeral was held here on Friday. Please hold Marjorie and the family in your prayers.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Autumn Breakfast
8am Tuesday 21 April, Kinross House
Rev. Dr. James Donaldson will speak on Going to War, the Full Human History.
Reflections of a Christian Chaplain on the realities of WW1 upon the Australian people.
RSVP to the office 9829 0300 or ToorakUC@bigpond.net.au

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Andrew Blackburn and Jean Penny
will be performing at St Michaels, Collins Street, Melbourne next Thursday, 23 April at 1pm.
They would be delighted to see members of TUC there.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item ANZAC Centenary Sunday, 26 April 2015 at 10:15am
You are warmly invited to attend our Anzac Centenary Service to honour those whose names are inscribed on the Toorak Presbyterian Church Great War Honour Board (129 names) and Roll of Honour – Record of Fallen (24 names).

The service will incorporate hymns and readings from the Unveiling Services in 1917 and 1922, as well as a reading of the record of the 24 soldiers on the Roll of Honour.

The service will be conducted by Rev Dr Christopher Page and Rev Dr James Donaldson.

You are also welcome to the Lunch to follow. RSVP 20 April.
To contribute information about the families of those who served, please contact the Office: t: 9829 0300 / e: ToorakUC@bigpond.net.au.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item The Time For Fellowship Lunch
will be held on Monday, 27th April from 12noon in the Faichney Room. The topic for discussion is ‘ANZAC Day Memories’. All welcome. No need to RSVP.

Lenore Newnham & Jean Allison

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Bach and Weiss on the Lute with Andrew Byrne
 Andrew Byrne Sunday, 3 May 3pm (Pre-concert talk 2.30pm)
Meet Sylvius Leopold Weiss, the most prolific composer of lute music in history who challenged J.S. Bach at improvising fantasies and fugues.
Renowned lutentist Andrew Byrne (Sydney) will play a 13 course German Baroque Lute at Dresden court pitch.
Presented by the Australian Bach Society – http://www.bach.org.au – 0425 802 046.
Tickets: $35 and $25 concession – Bookings: www.trybooking.com/GTLB

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Meeting of the Congregation and Election of Elders.
A meeting of the congregation will be held on Sunday, 24 May immediately after the 10:15 service.
The agenda items will be the election of elders and non-elder members of Church Council, the annual report, and the financial statements for 2014. These reports will be available from early May.
Nomination forms for the position of elder and non-elder member of Church Council are available from the office and must be returned to the office by Tuesday, 5 May at 12.00 noon. Members considering accepting nomination may wish to discuss the duties with the minister.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Continuo Organ
Please do not put anything on top of the new Continuo Organ! It may look like a useful tabletop, but it is definitely not!

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Name Badges
It has been raised that many people missed the deadline for ordering resin name badges. The Office Staff will order a new batch of resin name badges with the UCA logo. If you would like to order one, please email Catriona or Kimberly at ToorakUC@bigpond.net.au with the exact spelling you require.
Cost is $12.50 each. Please let the office staff know before Friday, 1 May.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item News from Kinross Arts & Spirituality Centre

Kinross House Gallery is normally open Tuesday to Friday 10:00am – 3pm.
12 March
26 April
Moments in a Dream – The world of Ink Art – Seifu Sandaiji
Seifu Sandaiji is a Bokusho artist who studied her art form under the guidance of Kofu Ohashi and Jikihara Gyokusei in Japan.
She has had group and solo exhibitions in Japan, the USA and Australia.
From March 12th - April 26th Kinross will display a solo exhibition by Seifu Sandaiji of new work created for Australia.

The Opening of the Exhibition was on Thursday 12th March.

Enquiries to: uat@toorak.unitingchurch.org.au; tel 03 9829 0340

Come and see brilliant contemporary Japanese ink art in a special exhibition.

Open 8:30am - 3:30pm Monday to Friday.

7 May
7 June
 Surreal Encounters Surreal EncountersSarah Clark

About the artist:

Sarah Clark has always had creative flare. Her early artistic work was as a picture framer and leadlight window designer.
Currently, Sarah loves working with alcohol inks on Yupo paper because it creates joyous colours and a high sheen surface.
Some of her art uses complimentary colour schemes to make a bold statement, whilst others use analogous colour schemes to create a serene design which mesmerises the viewer.
Please come and enjoy this special evening with the artist.
The Opening of the Exhibition is on Thursday 7th May; 6pm - 8pm

Enquiries to: uat@toorak.unitingchurch.org.au; tel 03 9829 0340

Open 8:30am - 3:30pm Monday to Friday.

Manse Gallery Café
The café is filled with light, warmth, flowers on the table and good food. Please call in for great coffee, hot soup or delicious cake. It has a wonderful atmosphere with outstanding meals and coffee. Why not meet up with friends or conduct your next meeting there? The Café now has EFTPOS – no need to remember to have cash.
For enquiries and (group) bookings contact Raz Psonis on 9829 0341 email: meetatmanse@gmail.com
Raz and her team will make you very welcome. Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am – 3:30pm.

Gallery Contacts: For all exhibition enquiries and bookings please telephone Lyndel Wischer on: 9829 0340 or email: uat@toorak.unitingchurch.org.au or visit the Kinross House page on the TUC website. You are also welcome to call in to the Kinross House Office which is normally attended 10 am – 3 pm, Tuesday – Friday or by appointment.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Lectionary Readings for 26 April 2015, Easter 4
Acts 4: 5 – 12;     Psalm 23;     1 John 3: 16 – 24;     John 10: 11 – 18.
The liturgical colour for Easter is white.

Readings adjusted for the ANZAC service are: Psalm 46;     John 5: 9 – 17.

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