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Toorak Uniting Church - Update

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Toorak Uniting Church

Toorak Uniting Church – Update – Pentecost 12

16 August 2015

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Still thinking – A Vase of Flowers
I recently read Michael Ford’s biography of Fr Henri Nouwen - Wounded Prophet: A Portrait of Henri Nouwen. Ford’s book is a "warts and all" presentation of Nouwen’s life. However, there is nothing malicious or unfair in this portrayal of this most influential spiritual writer of the 20th century. It was Henri Nouwen who was instrumental in bringing Catholic spirituality and modern psychology to a largely protestant audience in the 1980s’ and shaping a generation of ministers.

Henri was born in 1932 and brought up in a devout Catholic family in Nijkerk Holland. His father was professor of Tax Law at the University of Nijmegen and his mother, Maria came from an artistic family from the town of Amersfoort. Nouwen arrived in the USA having completed his formal education in Holland in 1971 to teach at Yale Divinity College. What followed was a remarkable teaching career for fifteen years culminating with a five year appointment at Harvard Divinity College. By 1985 he had written over twelve bestselling books on ministry, spirituality and theology.

Turning his back on academia, in 1986 Henri became the chaplain to the L’Arch Community in Ontario Canada. L’Arch, founded by Jean Vanier is a community for intellectually disabled adults. It was here that Henri spent the last years of his life, dying in Holland in 1996. This rough sketch does little to illustrate the remarkable life of Henri Nouwen. He was a brilliant thinker, a remarkable communicator (I attended a conference he led in Toronto in 1992), a generous and gregarious man. But he was also continually restless, and a man conflicted about his homosexuality which really only became public with Michael Ford’s biography. Ford strongly states that he believes Henri was always celibate, reassuring the more conservative reader.

What drew many to Henri’s writings was his conviction that our "ministry" comes out of our woundedness not from our professionalism or perfections. In his book The Inner Voice of Love distributed to bookstores on the day of his funeral, Henry writes:

You have been wounded in many ways. The more you open yourself to be healed the more you will discover how deep your wounds are… The great challenge is living your wounds through instead of thinking them through. It is better to cry than worry, better to feel your wounds deeply than to understand them… You need to let your wounds go down to your heart. Then you can live through them and discover that they will not destroy you.

Henri was particularly fond of two Dutch painters, van Rijn Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh. Ford tells us of Henri’s love of the sunflowers and other large flowers Van Gogh would regularly paint. Almost to a point van Gogh’s big faced flowers were dishevelled, drooping and sad. And yet Henri observed: If you look at every flower individually, they look quite miserable. Put them together in a vase and they become a bouquet that’s quite attractive. I think about community often in that way. It was Henri’s lifelong conviction that the Christian, no matter how wounded or broken, could flourish in community.


Previous Item Page Top Next Item Welcome to Toorak Uniting Church

Wherever you are on your faith’s journey,
wherever you have come from and wherever you are going to,
whatever you believe, whatever you do not believe, you are welcome here.
Please come and join us after the service for fellowship and a cup of tea or coffee.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Diary Dates

Tuesday, 18 August at noon Management Team Wettenhall Room.
Wednesday, 19 August at 6 – 9pm PB Handbells Wettenhall Room.
Thursday, 20 August at 10:00am Morning Group Faichney Room.
Sunday, 23 August at 10:15am Baptism Reunion service and lunch.
No 9:00am Service.

Wednesday, 26 August at 6 – 9pm PB Handbells Wettenhall Room.
Thursday, 27 August at 10:00am Prayers for Christian Unity Swedish Church.
28 August – 6 November Christopher Page on Roach Exchange to Denver.
Monday, 31 August at noon Time for Fellowship Lunch Faichney Room.
2 September – 25 October Wolfgang Stahlberg on Roach Exchange at TUC.
Sunday, 29 November at 10:15am Grandparents’ service and lunch.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Baptism Reunion Service
Please notify the office if you are going to attend the luncheon next week for the Baptism Reunion Service –we really need to know for catering purposes!

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Do you know anyone who was baptised at TUC?
Unfortunately we do not have current contact details for many of the families whose children were baptised here. If you can help by providing them with a warm invitation to our service on Sunday 23rd, (and us with their details so we can reach them in future) we would really appreciate it! Kimberly & Catriona

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Contributions of salad
and child-friendly desserts would be much appreciated for the Baptism lunch on August 23rd. Please let Barbara McKinnon know what you would like to bring and if you can assist with setting up, serving or clearing up afterwards.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Antique or period furniture
Are you looking to unload your unwanted Antique or period furniture? Kinross is looking for practical items that suit the era of the house ie late Victorian. In particular we are looking for a side board with good storage capacity to go on the upper floor opposite the gallery balustrade. We are also looking for arm chairs on the smaller side and occasional tables. If you think you can help please call Lyndel on 9829 0340 to arrange an inspection. If your item is a good fit Kinross will organise collection and delivery at its cost.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item The Future of Religion, Jesus, & Christianity
The Progressive Christian Network of Victoria & Common Dreams on the Road presents a Lecture & Symposium by Dr David Galston.

"The Future of Religion, Jesus, & Christianity"

David Galston is the Ecumenical Chaplain at Brock University, and an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy.

Venue: Toorak Uniting Church
Friday 28 August 7.00 pm "Has Religion a Future?"
Saturday 29 August 10:00am "Has Jesus a Future?"
11:30am "Has God a Future?"
1:30pm "Is There a Post-Christian Christianity?"
Bookings Now Open!: See Isobel Negri for details.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Time for Fellowship Lunch
Monday 31 August 12-2pm. Topic is "A souvenir I bought." All welcome.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Refurbishment of Toilets
is expected to commence this Monday, 17 August. The work should be completed within 8 weeks. Men are encouraged to use the Kinross loos and women the disabled loos off the Faichney Room. Entry to Faichney Room during the week is available using the disabled ramp – Eastern entrance.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item The Congregation Directory
is now available at the rear of the church. For privacy reasons, only those whose names appear in the Directory will receive a copy. Please tick your name off when you take yours.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item News from Kinross Arts & Spirituality Centre

Kinross House Gallery is normally open Tuesday to Friday 10:00am – 3pm.

9 August
11 September
Snowball Effect – Anne Cuming
 Deja Vu by Anne Cuming Snowball Effect is a solo exhibition by established artist, Anne Cuming. The exhibition is a collection of evocative paintings from 2008 to 2015. Through the use of colour, composition and subject matter Anne's work portrays sentiments about happiness, loneliness. reflection and contentment and the momentum of life.
Artist statement

Metaphorically speaking a 'snowball effect' starts from an initial state of small significance and builds upon itself, becoming larger and more momentous. A common example of this is a ball of snow rolling down a snow-covered mountain. As it rolls the ball picks up more snow and momentum it grows in mass to arrive at the bottom of the mountain in a different, more noteworthy form.

This exhibition explores the notion that the snowball effect applies to our lives. Every life comprises of a diverse range of complex emotions and experiences which contribute to our individual perceptions and reactions. As the snowball rolls down the hill, its path may be altered by inclines and obstructions, and so our lives change from what we may have first anticipated. No matter which path we choose our experiences will continue to contribute to our lives and affect the momentum at which we travel toward our individual destinies.

I believe that these thoughts are relevant to the event that I am thrilled to be part of during my exhibition at Kinross Arts Centre - the naming of 'Hodges Gallery'. It all began with an idea the Uniting Church Minister, Reverend David Hodges, had many years ago about the arts at Toorak Uniting Church, which 'snowballed' into the wonderful reality of Kinross which supports a wide array of artists and affords them the opportunity to exhibit in such a beautiful and historic place.

This exhibition is a collection of emotive paintings from 2008 to 2015. Through use of colour, composition and subject matter my artwork seeks to connect with the viewer through the portrayal of sentiments including happiness, loneliness, reflection and contentment.
For more information about Anne Cumming please visit www.annecumingart.com.au
Morning Coffee with the artist will be on Sunday 9th August 2015 at 11.30am.

13 August
23 August
GLOW Winter Festival
 www.glowfestivat.com.au Following the success of the inaugural Glow Winter Arts Festival in 2014, the event embraces the strong artistic communities of Prahran, Windsor, Malvern, Armadale, Toorak and South Yarra with 50 events over 11 days.

Monday 17/08 Organ + Instruments
The magnificent 1913 Hill & Son Organ combines with orchestral instruments in a program designed to explore the tonal breadth of this wonderful solo and accompanimental instrument now in its 20th year of restoration and its 102nd year of service to St John’s.

Tuesday 18/08 Poetry & Music [WW1]
Poetry and organ music mesh together in an offering to honour the fallen in the Great War. Music from this era and poetry written about the war to end all wars is performed within feet of the imposing St John's War Memorial on the corner of Toorak Road and Orrong Road.

Wednesday 19/8 Stained Glass guided tour
St John’s Toorak contains some magnificent glass including Fouracre & Watson of Plymouth [1884] arguably the only examples of this company’s work in Victoria, the Grice Memorial [First World War], and as the National Trust notes in its citation "especially W C Cornish memorial window, which was the first major work of J L Lyon".

Thursday 20/8 Youth treading the Keyboards
This concert features solos and duets performed by our budding group of parish organ scholars and pianists. The piano’s percussive, immediate touch beautifully juxtaposes the majesty and undergirding, sustaining qualities of the pipe organ to produce a varied evening with something for everyone.

Friday 21/8 Party Time!
Come and see the musicians of the parish at play in cabaret items, show tunes and other things not usually allowed during Divine Service!

Sunday 23/8 From the Orient and the Middle East – Kinross Poetry Readings
In Kinross House – see below

Proudly supported by the City of Stonnington.http://www.stonnington.vic.gov.au/events/glow-winter-arts-festival-2015/

23 August
3 to 4pm
From the Orient and the Middle East – Kinross Poetry Readings
Readings will include: Amichai, Basho, Gilgamesh, Poetry from the Old Testament, including from Job and the Psalms, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (translated by Robert Graves), Rumi, Rabindranath Tagore and Tao Te Ching

The Readers
Henry Dobson and Lawrie Groom are passionate about poetry. Both writers, Henry has a deep interest in philosophy and existentialism, while Lawrie's interests include painting and public policy. Both enjoy good conversation and chess. We greatly appreciate Henry Bucks on Collins St for their generous sponsorship of the 2015 Kinross Poetry Readings.

Entry: gold coin donation. Wine, cheese and biscuits will be provided.
For all enquiries, please call Henry 0478 712 881 or Lyndel Wischer at Kinross Arts Centre 9829 0340, email: uat@toorak.unitingchurch.org.au

Manse Gallery Café
The café is filled with light, warmth, flowers on the table and good food. Please call in for great coffee, hot soup or delicious cake. It has a wonderful atmosphere with outstanding meals and coffee. Why not meet up with friends or conduct your next meeting there? The Café now has EFTPOS – no need to remember to have cash.
For enquiries and (group) bookings contact Raz Psonis on 9829 0341 email: meetatmanse@gmail.com
Raz and her team will make you very welcome. Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am – 3:30pm.

Gallery Contacts: For all exhibition enquiries and bookings please telephone Lyndel Wischer on: 9829 0340 or email: uat@toorak.unitingchurch.org.au or visit the Kinross House page on the TUC website. You are also welcome to call in to the Kinross House Office which is normally attended 10 am – 3 pm, Tuesday – Friday or by appointment.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Lectionary Readings for 23 August 2015, Pentecost 13
1 Kings 8: 22 – 30, 41 – 43;     Psalm 84;     Ephesians 6: 10 – 20;     John 6: 56 – 69.
The liturgical colour for Pentecost is green.

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