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Toorak Uniting Church - Update

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Toorak Uniting Church

Toorak Uniting Church – Update – Pentecost 16

13 September 2015

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Wolfgang’s Still thinking — "Who do you say that I am?
The book "Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time: The Historical Jesus & the Heart of Contemporary Faith" by Marcus Borg came out in 1994. I read it in 2001, and the book spoke to me, it really touched me.

In the first chapter, Marcus shares some of his own journey of faith, how from childhood to adulthood his understanding of Jesus changed, and with it his faith. He describes, how the childhood faith of his Lutheran upbringing collided with the modern worldview he began to understand in adolescence. As a young adult in college and seminary, he understood that the traditions about Jesus were adapted and grew in changing circumstances during the early Christian movement. It became more and more clear to him that the Christian tradition had human (and not divine) origins. Later, Marcus could discover the spirituality of Jesus and his foundational experience of God’s spirit. One of Marcus’ important conclusions was to see the difference between the Jesus of history and how the gospels and later Christian tradition speak of him.

Marcus’ description of his journey resonated with my own. Marcus Borg became an important teacher, mentor, and friend for me. He has given me inspiration, questions, conclusions, and language for my personal quest to grow in my faith experience without leaving my intellectual capacity behind. I am still grieving after his untimely death earlier this year.

I think that my life as a Christian is not so much about believing certain things – checking off a list of doctrines that you "have to believe" as a good Christian – but about a way of living in relationship with the Sacred (God). This relationship challenges me continuously to transformation, it inspires me to grow and mature in my life as a believer and follower of Jesus, and it lets me ask questions about God and neighbour, about life and death.

For me personally, Jesus is the ‘Way’ (an early name for Christianity) in the ‘Kingdom of God’ (what the world could be like if God really ruled). Believing in Jesus is for me a way of life, it means to give my heart, myself at the deepest level, to the God of Jesus, whom I meet in the stories and metaphors about Jesus of Nazareth. Being a follower of Jesus includes having ‘companions,’ a word that means ‘someone with whom one shares bread.’ As Christians, as disciples of Jesus the Christ, we belong to a community – not only here at Toorak Uniting Church, but also in the whole worldwide church.


Previous Item Page Top Next Item Welcome to Toorak Uniting Church

Wherever you are on your faith’s journey,
wherever you have come from and wherever you are going to,
whatever you believe, whatever you do not believe, you are welcome here.
Please come and join us after the service for fellowship and a cup of tea or coffee.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Diary Dates

Sunday, 13 September at 2:00pm: SoO Organ Students’ Concert Church.
Monday, 14 September 10:30am: Drop In Card Day. Faichney Room.
Tuesday, 15 September TBA: Management Team. Wettenhall Room.
Wednesday, 16 September at 6:30pm: PB Handbells rehearsal. Wettenhall Room.
Thursday, 17 September at 10:00am: Morning Group. Faichney Room.
Saturday, 19 September 10:00 – noon: PB Handbells rehearsal. Wettenhall Room.
Sunday, 29 November at 10:15am Grandparents’ service and lunch.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Organ Students Concert Today
This afternoon at 2pm there is an organ students recital in the church by the Society of Organists (Victoria). Both Alec and Robert Barber are taking part. A few students from Warrnambool will be performing via Skype! Please come and support them. The concert is free.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Do you have a car that you could spare for a few weeks?
Wolfgang and Liliana are finding it challenging to navigate around Melbourne from East Doncaster with just the one car. If you have a second car that you are not using so frequently, or feel that perhaps you could do without driving for the next few weeks, they would be delighted to be able to borrow it. Please call the office on 9829 0300 if you’re able to help out.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Attention Kitchen users
Please take care with freezing food, gently moving the drawers and ensuring that the freezer is securely shut before you leave. Thank you.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item John Macrae Centre’s – Annual Spring Dance

Tuesday, 22 September 2015
11:30am – 2:30pm
Toorak Uniting Church Hall
603 Toorak Road, Toorak.
Community Event
Featuring: Less Sallisbury
Light Lunch       Door Prizes       Raffle
Entry: $5.00
Bookings: 9829 0320

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Refurbishment of Toilets
Renovations should be completed by mid-October. While construction is in progress, men are encouraged to use the Kinross loos and women the disabled loos off the Faichney Room. (Entry to the Faichney Room during the week is available using the concrete ramp at the Eastern entrance.)

Previous Item Page Top Next Item The Congregation Directory
is now available at the rear of the church. For privacy reasons, only those whose names appear in the Directory will receive a copy. Please dispose of your 2014 directory by shredding it. You’re welcome to bring it to the office where Kimberly or Catriona can shred it for you.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Strength and Vitality Foundation

Supporting women newly diagnosed with breast cancer
Why do we need emotional Healing?  Strength and Vitality Foundation
Help us build our resource centre in St Kilda supporting emotional healing
Fundraising event
Where: Manse Gallery Café
Address: 603 Toorak Rd, Toorak
Time: 2:30 – 4:30pm
Date: Sunday 13th September
Cost: $35.00
Limited numbers: booking essential
Bookings contact: Michelle Sorensen
Mobile: 0405 040 217
RSVP: 8th September
Web: www.strengthandvitalityfoundation.org.au

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Daydreams and Torments of Love
A romantic literature and musical event dedicated to Frédéric Chopin’s 205th anniversary.
Program features Sergei Suetin, pianist.
TUC, September 20th at 3.00pm. Tickets at the door: $25 / $20 (conc).
Call Sergei on 0402 831 304 for details.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Time for Fellowship Lunch
Monday 28 September 12-2pm. Topic is "Advice from a male forebear." All welcome.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Missing from TUC archives
Videotape of a Service recorded 3 Sep, 1978, telecast on ABC TV, 11 Feb, 1979. Unfortunately, the ABC no longer has a copy in its archives either. I am hoping someone might have a videotape of this Service and allow me to borrow it to convert to DVD. This recording is significant. Not only was it David Hodge’s last televised Service before his retirement in 1983 (including his excellent sermon ‘Man and Society’), but it is also an historic document. This video will show images of the interior of the Church before refurbishment in 1979, with the old pipe organ and choir stalls in the east transept! If anyone can help, please contact me on 9809 0550 or 0429 907 908. Thank you. David Ross-Smith.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Roach Ministerial Exchange
The Roach Exchange provides a wonderful opportunity for our congregation to experience a minister from a different country and tradition. The Messiah Community Church in Denver is well established and well attended with similar worship and activities to TUC. It is a church in the Lutheran tradition and affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) - a progressive denomination in a traditional environment.

Sunday, 13 September
9am Service – Rev Wal Baker
10.15am Service – Rev Dr Wolfgang Stahlberg
11.30 am – Coffee with Discussion with Rev Stahlberg, light lunch.
Tuesday, 15 September
7.30pm Management Team Meeting
Thursday, 17 September
10.00am Congregation Morning Group meeting – Welcome to Revs Wolfgang and Liliana Stahlberg with discussion on what led them to the ministry and how their congregation in Denver functions.
Wednesday, 7 October
8am Breakfast In Kinross with Rev Wolfgang Stahlberg speaking on aspects of American life.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item 2015 Christian Singles Network Conference

‘Enjoy: the Joy of the Lord is my Strength’
A weekend conference for singles of all ages to grow in faith, friendship and fullness of life in Christ as single people. The Conference aims to empower single adults to fulfil their desires & know the value of living out a single life. There will be time for fellowship, a choice of workshops, prayerful reflection, live music, praise & worship, small group interaction and a dinner dance on the Saturday night.
17-18 October at the Clifton Centre, St Clement of Rome Parish, Bulleen.
Cost: $100 (early bird before August 31 $90). www.trybooking.com/IADB
For more information see csn.coglife.org or email Johanna csnmelbourne@gmail.com

Previous Item Page Top Next Item News from Kinross Arts & Spirituality Centre

Kinross House Gallery is normally open Tuesday to Friday 10:00am – 3pm.
17 September
31 October
Fiona Walshe

Solo exhibition of paintings and ceramics. Fiona is a former member of the Stables Artist Co-operative.

20 September
3pm – 4pm
The Australians – Kinross Poetry Readings
Readings will include: Adamson, Dawe, Rosemary Dobson, Lisa Gorton, Robert Gray, AD Hope, Clive James, David Malouf, Les Murray, Dorothy Porter, Slessor and Judith Wrigh

The Readers

Henry Dobson and Lawrie Groom are passionate about poetry. Both writers, Henry has a deep interest in philosophy and existentialism, while Lawrie's interests include painting and public policy. Both enjoy good conversation and chess. We greatly appreciate Henry Bucks on Collins St for their generous sponsorship of the 2015 Kinross Poetry Readings.
Entry: gold coin donation. Wine, cheese and biscuits will be provided.

For all enquiries, please call Henry 0478 712 881 or Lyndel Wischer at Kinross Arts Centre 9829 0340, email: uat@toorak.unitingchurch.org.au

Manse Gallery Café
The café is filled with light, warmth, flowers on the table and good food. Please call in for great coffee, hot soup or delicious cake. It has a wonderful atmosphere with outstanding meals and coffee. Why not meet up with friends or conduct your next meeting there? The Café now has EFTPOS – no need to remember to have cash.
For enquiries and (group) bookings contact Raz Psonis on 9829 0341 email: meetatmanse@gmail.com
Raz and her team will make you very welcome. Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am – 3:30pm.

Gallery Contacts: For all exhibition enquiries and bookings please telephone Lyndel Wischer on: 9829 0340 or email: uat@toorak.unitingchurch.org.au or visit the Kinross House page on the TUC website. You are also welcome to call in to the Kinross House Office which is normally attended 10 am – 3 pm, Tuesday – Friday or by appointment.

Previous Item Page Top Next Item Lectionary Readings for 20 September 2015, Pentecost 17
Proverbs 31: 10 – 31;     Psalm 1;     James 3: 13 to 4: 3, 7 – 8a;     Mark 9: 30 – 37.
The liturgical colour for Pentecost is green.

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